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Nonton David Banner On Why He Thinks Black People Have A "Jesus Complex" Sub Indo

David Banner On Why He Thinks Black People Have A "Jesus Complex"

David Banner talks about his God Box and much more!

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  1. Somebody said find Jesus…How Sway?!? There’s no record of him ever existing in history. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  2. respect David Banner.much love my brother👍👍

  3. Love love love David Banner

  4. Joe budden got a pull up who stealin from who

  5. How can ppl stomach all this bs?

  6. She switch the subject quick about white jesus….. bet white owned

  7. Daaaaavid….Shuuut UUUp! Yooo! Im screaming over here…you droppin true shit! No one wants to put in the work. They want somebody else to be "IT" and wonder why nothings shifting. Thats Spirit talking right there fam….ya'll better listen.

  8. I hate how she cut off the explanation of the jesus complex. Terrible interviewer jmo

  9. I've always loved Banner. You could hear it even in his early albums, he had lyricism and he still had the smarts too. He's absolutely right about the "black violence vs white violence" issue too. I grew up in your typical middle class white suburban neighborhood (I'm white btw). We never had any problems at my school with violence other than your random fight here and there. But those schools on the other side of town now they are BAD. That's what we were taught. I graduated 11 years ago and the violence is almost every day now. The point I'm making is NOW the local news is bringing attention to it because it's in suburban areas. NOW things are getting done because it's "out of control". Look, I'm not trying to be a sympathizer. I just see it for what it is and always has been. Sorry for the rant. lol

    Edit: I wrote this while I was halfway through the interview. He's absolutely right about people in the south and guns. He's not joking or exaggerating when he says we've been shooting guns since we were 8 years old. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that in my honest opinion. If you teach a child the importance and responsibility with ANY kind of firearm the better.

  10. Damm she so fine is hard for me to pay attention

  11. black people love worshipping that white jesus!!!

  12. I love him, but I disagree completely with his views as it pertains to Jesus/religion. This is such an anti-Christ generation. Why so much anti-Jesus rhetoric?!! Even if you aren't a Christian, why not say "being a Christian doesn't exempt the need for us to work towards better" (if that is his point)?

  13. You really shouldn’t take the Lords name in vain repent bro.

  14. Man this is one phenomenal video. Its always great listening to David Banner. I'm always brought to Epiphany whenever he speaks.

  15. Some Brothas n Sistas feel better believing in a white Jesus i guess😕

  16. You cant be God on earth…if so there would have already been millions of walking gods on earth and showcasing their abilities…so he's a liar. And just because he says Jesus does not exist, does not make it true. Just an opinion

  17. Even the devil appears as light. Jesus is God in the flesh. This guy is twisting scripture for his interpretation, and yall are getting fooled by it.

  18. Being a vegan is unhealthy.
    Your body needs cholesterol, just not in high amounts. Just eat healthy.

  19. DAMN, David Banner dropped nothing but jewels on this.

  20. It isn't the liberals who are at fault here dude. It's the Conservative Republicans who have this attitude that civil rights for blacks are settled old news and a thing of the past. Please don't hang this on the liberals. You don't understand politics if you think that and it's a mistake to disseminate this kind of (trump)bullshit. How many black billionaires can you name.
    Trump is no friend of yours buddy Trump is no friend of yours at all you got to get that through your head please. conservative are no friend of yours. The Democrats are your best hope and they are far from perfect. sorry the news isnt better.

  21. Around 4:38 he says you shouldn't use the deaths of children to push forward agenda a particular agenda. Well think about that statement for a minute. I disagree. Truthfully we must base legislation on the REALITY OF GUNS KILLING YOUR CHILDREN.. we put up stop signs at intersections where people could get hurt right? you have to use the deaths of these kids to push forward and agenda to get rid of these weapons. What else would you base an agenda on besides your kid getting killed ( in these situations).

  22. I have a hard time taking advice from a person that says they heard voices. I want to know what these voices said before I listen further lol.

  23. People only denounce Jesus because the only examples they have are people who haven't really experienced the supernatural they just take what mom or Grandma says but if you actually read and searched the Bible for yourself. He's is totally right they want Jesus they just don't want to do the work. He never actually said he didn't exist. Jesus is God's first risen son….him in human form. Its way easier to just say it's not real. Ever wonder why Christians are frowned upon for only doing what every other religion or spiritual following does which is spread it's base morals and principles…..ever wondered why black folks use the excuse that white folks forced it or made it up? Well if it's made up, explain the Bible being written in multiple other languges older than the English language before America was America . black people need to stop accumulating so much self pride because that'll only turn us into the oppressors. So those who decide to call my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ fake, try actually reading other than the stories you heard in church. After you read meditate on it. It's so hard to be a true believer simply because it IS the right thing. The Bible says we will be persecuted for believing in Jesus in the end times.

  24. To all those who are against Christianity because the Bible was used by European thugs to justify enslaving blacks. The money in your wallet, purse, or bank account has circulated through many different hands. It’s possible that before your money got into your hands that it was used to buy drugs, to pay a prostitute, or to pay for a weapon that was used to commit a crime. Do you throw away your hard-earned money because it might have been misused by criminals? Of course not, because you understand the value of that money. In addition, you understand the principle of “not throwing the (innocent) baby out with the bath water”. Keep the baby but get rid of the dirty bath water. Christianity is the innocent baby (that has done nothing wrong) in my analogy. The dirty bath water represents the evil European slave terrorists, criminals, and thugs who misused the Bible to justify enslaving black people. DON’T BE A FOOL! Jesus Christ IS the Son of God. Don’t let some misguided, misinformed, pro-black, but anti-Christ person talk you out of Heaven, and into Hell with his/her ignorance. He/she is CLEARLY ignorant about the TRUTH. >>>>>>>>>>>>>“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other Name under Heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

  25. Yall all crazy ! Jesus is the way the truth and the light . better repent . coming from a black man ! Putting yall faith in a man ! He is nothing ! Not nothing special but jesus is lord and ill pray for you all .

  26. love these conversations….the nature of which black poeople need to be having not turn up shit we are an Endangered species..everyone sees we can dance N rap lets show people we have more DEPTH 4ever grateful to D banner

  27. Once he began discussing Jesus she changed the subject real quick lol

  28. What people don’t understand is that Jesus Christ was not a Religious Person, He was a Spiritual Person. He gave Glory to His Creator who is God the Father and who is Spirit. When you look at Jesus in a religious way you don’t realize that you put a Wall in your Mind that prevents you from having a relationship with God Through Christ. The Bible says “People worship the creature instead of the Creator”. Don’t get your information from another Man except the Only Man that has been given authority by God the Father over all.

  29. As a 29 year old white man from south Mississippi Who hangs out with mainly black people im not gonna pretend like I know anything about what it really is to go through the struggles that African Americans face and as a poor hard working white man who’s worked for everything i have and never been in the “click” I’m also not going to listen to how I’ve been given everything because of my “white privilege” after I’ve been shoveling dirt in a ditch literally today to feed my kids and pay my bills. David banner is liked and respected by most people white black green blue whatever in south Mississippi and I agree 100% on what was said in this interview and if someone disagrees with my comment then simply hit the dislike button I’m not saying this to bring out the keyboard warriors so I’m not gonna waste my time reading a bunch of bullshit. But regardless wether I like what he said about the school shootings or the recession I have to agree. My dad worked his off his whole life until he got killed at work and we never really felt the recession. But it’s messed up that I’m saying this but ima cut the bullshit it was bitter sweet as hell to see the ones who were “privileged” that haven’t never really hit a lick at shit have to sell those big nice rides and houses because they didn’t manage their money right and was keeping up with the Jones’s during the recession. For the others my heart and soul went out to them

  30. What he is saying is factual!

    The Jesus Complex goes all the way back to the days of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. The Black Church is nothing more than a Clandestine version of the white Church.

    Audible is giving free 30 day trials for good audiobooks, some of the books are on subjects like this one!!!


  31. Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the Creator he is Yahweh Almighty in Flesh

  32. "If somebody got shot in the South, eh, we were shootin' at you!" –David Banner

  33. Does David banner even know that the Bible is about black people 95% of it. That’s all I would like to know the reason we have a complex about ((white Jesus) ))is because we are getting told lies about our own truth. Smh.

  34. Read the Bible see what it says

  35. Smh, let the redeemed of the Lord say so!

  36. Every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that JESUS CHRIST is LORD. Period. I Love, YOU, LORD. And I will not deny YOU under any circumstances. I will see YOUR face. I can't wait for that day.

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