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Nonton Dark Phoenix: Interview with Sophie Turner | HBO Sub Indo

Dark Phoenix: Interview with Sophie Turner | HBO

Which house would The Dark Phoenix be apart of? Sophie Turner talks about the similarities and differences of Sansa and her new character, Jean Grey.

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Dark Phoenix: Interview with Sophie Turner | HBO

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  1. If this movie is like GOT season 8, then RIP movie and careers. At least we can enjoy Sophie Turner's acting once again.

  2. i am Sansa Stark AKA Sophie Turner – yeah i guess thats what happens when you play a character for 9 years

  3. jean is like dany she says..

    scott : i love you, now and forever..kills jean
    lets hope that wouldn't happen

  4. Hahaha character image curing

  5. Her only job was to stand and look pretty, thinking and acting not so much. Trashing fans for valid criticism removed any doubt of her abilities.

  6. Yes! 😀 My theory comfirmed! 😛
    Sansa will release her dark Phoenix! XD

  7. GoT ended horribly and so is the fox universe xmen. good she is gone. and the crappy things i invested my time in.

  8. The Queen in the north 👸👑
    Long may she reign

  9. Dark pheonix is one of my favorite stories of the X-Men Comics! Can't wait to see it!!! 💜💜💜

  10. Sophie is gorgeous…..love hr

  11. The final GAME OF THRONES season, while not the best by any means, was, I think, a lot better than the haters would claim.

  12. I hope Dark Phoenix will be better than season 8.

  13. Love You Sophie Turner 😍😍

  14. Sooo, Sophie is secretly a Dany/Targaryen fan?

  15. I’m not being funny but she’s not even a good actor

  16. Queen of the North for doing nothing. The waiting time was for nothing

  17. Hey Sophie, fans love you, can you sign the petition to remake season 8 😉

  18. I'm going to miss Sansa so badly, The Queen In The North

  19. strong independent woman LUL

  20. I think Sophie Turner is fabulous and I also think there a lot of hateful people who should just keep their negativity to themselves!

  21. okay hbo, we get it. you have a partnership with fox to promote dark phoenix and they’ll promote GOT

  22. Shes a steeven segal of women actors.

  23. I love strong women, I wish all had the right carry a gun, but apparently that's not part of the agenda of strong women.

  24. I really wish Sophie was single and my age omg, I have the biggest crush on her

  25. Cant wait to watch this. I think I’ll forever support all GoT actors xD just cause 😂♥️

  26. Her voice is so boring. Fine as Sansa who was a boring kunt. If this dummy thinks she has a long term acting career outside of Sansa then she can fuk right off. Lucky for her she has moved in on those Jonas dollars. Obvs it'll be a divorce once he realises GOT is no longer running and she is no longer trendy.

  27. 1:10 she really had to say that line strong independent women ? i think her agent told her to say it witch made me cringe .

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