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Nonton CW Good | We Defy Trailer | The CW Sub Indo

CW Good | We Defy Trailer | The CW

Defying all odds. The CW’s new initiative, We Defy, reinforces the network’s commitment to inclusion and representation.


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CW Good | We Defy Trailer | The CW

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  1. This is a great message. I'm just not sure why the CW have to spell it out, in all there shows, to be inclusive. For instance in Supergirl, one of the characters is Trans. Just having a Trans person in the show would have been enough, but then they mention it as part of the storyline, which is fine by the way, but really it didn't have to be flushed out so much. So either there are too many people out there who have to have stuff explained to them, or CW thinks we're a bunch of morons. It kinda makes the drama parts of their shows unwatchable sometimes. Don't get me wrong, i'm a huge fan, I just don't think the underlining tones of social justice needs to be at the forefront of the Justice League… I think I'm right about this.

  2. How is anything grant gustin says automatically inspiring sounding ?

  3. It’s sad that I only know who the heroes are and that’s why I like cw


  5. I grew up with the wb then cw being my favorite network. Having lived in Europe and Asia I can honestly say the cw has always been a channel to go back to like home

  6. If your open to all
    will you make supercorp happen?

  7. Screw it. CW works only in the US.

  8. Izombie is not repped. This is dis heartening

  9. CW = Cringe Woke channel, making SJW series for NPC brains

  10. Love you Melissa!! And cw isn't open in Philippines or Asia

  11. DareDevil alone can eat them all shows for breakfast !

  12. CW logic : *let batwome use batman's suit and technology and other stuff. *
    Dialogue: i don't want a man to take credit of a woman's work.

    What you(CW) need isn't identity politics and good looking guys and girls but good actors and good writing. Think about it.

  13. "open to all" =))) what a joke

  14. Open to all the people that agree with your identity politics that is.

  15. open to pushing our accept all or else speech

  16. No wonder their shows have gone down hill

  17. Barry Allen rotating his head again 😂😂😂

  18. Make america make again!!

  19. Well you're app isn't open to all now is it

  20. The only thing you DEFY is hiring capable writers of telling great stories over selling cringe.

  21. CW is open to all….except me. My values are too extreme for them to endure. And FTR, neither the secular world nor the Christian world will accept me. I have beliefs about people that KJ Apa and his Riverdale friends won't share, and because I honor women, I have to avoid their shows, which sadly include Riverdale, Supergirl, Arrow and others where strong women are portrayed as justifiable punching bags. For this reason I continue to withdraw from all things Disney, Marvel and Star Trek/Star Wars to preserve my core values. I may or may not be gay, I may or may not be normal in thinking, but I'm still a caring person with values I gleaned from stuff I once saw as a kid. Example: I have no problem confessing my devotion to Dudley Do Right and Cap'n Crunch. Is this a problem for you? Then obviously you're CW material. That's all I can say.

  22. we're not racist or sexist, watch our shows

  23. So much hate in this comment section alone, glad CW is daring to defy all this hatred and darkened hearts.

    Hope, Help, and Compassion for All.

  24. I defy, by defying your're liberal SJW "woke" agenda by not watching this station anymore as soon as iZombie is done

  25. Are y'all open to pro lifers

  26. Nope sorry cw has fallen off I stopped watching cw years ago….the flash stood the longest but still let me down .

  27. The Melissa Benoist thumbnail is….😍😍😍

  28. Can you start with the assholes in the Batwoman trailer comments? Thanks!

  29. Trump won the Presidency, you WOKE ingrates & your hypocrisy is overwhelming!
    Idioms… 😡

  30. We are sjw and force politics in our shows, we are CW.

  31. That level of thinking is too simplistic. They said they're open to all, so are they open to canabals, murderers, etc.?

  32. Are you open to Christians that preach marriage is between a man and a woman? How about white people who want their nation’s border defended? Or people that want zero immigration?

  33. Showing macho males and male-female relationships is normal, but showing female empowerment and LGBT people is political? How is that a logical argument?

  34. The CW app has too many commercials.

  35. Am I the only one who thinks that they should have had Hope Mikaelson say "Hope Happens"?

  36. Yeah…going "woke" isn't going to end well. Prepared to lose more money are we?

  37. How about we defy the fact that Iris and Barry are married and we can have patty back after we get rid of Iris

  38. Cringe. I hate these type of videos that day a bunch of stuff that sounds good but that they never mean.

  39. Melissa Benoist and Nicole Maines are the greatest.

  40. 🤣🤣🤣
    What a joke.
    Stop forcing these political agendas onto us!!!
    Stop using us, the comic book fans, to sell your leftist propaganda to.
    Like supergirl, ffs, stopped watching that rubbish cause it just became too much…enough already.

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