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Nonton Community Policing Problems (Full Segment) | Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas | HBO Sub Indo

Community Policing Problems (Full Segment) | Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas | HBO

Continuing the season-long focus on policing in America, Wyatt Cenac heads to Illinois where the Elgin Police Department’s Resident Officer program provides neighborhood housing for officers to build positive relationships in the community. But after the fatal shooting of an Elgin resident, the question becomes: are these community policing efforts just a song and dance? Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas now streaming on HBO.

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Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas follows comedian and writer Wyatt Cenac as he explores America’s most pressing issues.

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  1. Did anyone from this show actually reach out to the MVPD about their community policing efforts?

  2. A show for pussies suffering from white guilt and lazy minorities that have made terrible life decisions and blame their failures on "white privilege". He called the shooting of Michael Brown the black thug who robbed a convenient store and assaulted a clerk and then assaulted a police officer a "scandal". Never mind the black witnesses who on camera admitted that Michael Brown literally was half way inside the driver window of the car assaulting the cop. Yeah what a scandal dirty terrible cop is forced to wrestle his gun away from violent criminal who just committed a robbery and felonious assault. Basically this Wyatt guy is just a racist plain and simple.

  3. Yes ! Lets fix this issue

  4. Don’t you just love it when these overly privileged entitled racist white pos get triggered because you are not making them the white savior. Go find the 2 sheboons diamond and silk to worship you. Fk you

  5. Wyatt Cenac should have stayed on "People of Earth".

    He doesn't have the charisma to pull off his new non fiction show. He makes the show's really important information a bore.

  6. Can’t stand people using their platform misinforming lazy ass folk who don’t care to do their own research! Your opinions are what have divided this country just as Obama screwed us over for 8 years. I’m a minority and am sick and tired of minorities playing the victim to get out of personal responsibility! In America we all have the same opportunities period! I was born in the ghetto and raised by parents who had a third grade education but who taught me that education, hard work along with Gods moral compass is all I need and to never whine about anything because all in the U.S. are privileged! Not just white folk!

    And solar energy in the long run is worse for the environment than coal but because it’s making a some millionaires they can get away with the false narrative about solar energy vs fossil fuels.

  7. It seems rather incongruous that after 20 years of zero officer involved shootings the first time it happens people respond like the officer work up eager to kill someone. Additionally, officers should be required to live in the at least one of the communities they serve. It should not be seen as a threat, people have to live somewhere and if you serve the community, be it school board or fire department, they should live with the people they serve.

  8. if you come at a cop with a knife, you're gonna get shot. Thats what happens. Period. For every race and color. For using less lethal tactics, at such a close range, a taser may take her out however some drugs out there make you really freaking powerful. The cops have no idea what she may be on.

  9. I love the season-long focus on a subject. In a typical show of this kind it's impossible to look at an issue in depth and the need to provide some conclusion at the end of the piece makes them prone to insufficient examination and silver-bullet solutions. Here on the other hand, policing is looked at through different lenses, because if these kinds of problems could be boiled down into a 20-30 minutes segment in a comedy show, then they wouldn't be the grand problems that they are.

  10. How do you rebuild trust when it’s been eroded away for a multitude of reasons? Some one has to give and it’s going to take time till that happens. When you talk life or death situations you can’t fault anyone for arguing to live. If only both sides would understand that the other has the right to exist. By fate they are of opposite sides of the coin but as humans our desires are no different. Generations pass and there is less opposition with each passing year. Learn from previous mistakes and don’t be led down the path of hatred with no cause.

    The police are the government so I think by right they should be first in showing why they became Police in the first place. To Serve and Protect. That starts at hiring and with trained HR departments. On second thought it starts with caring enough to vote and to educate yourselves before doing so. Who is your current sherif? Is that person working for you? Do you feel safe around the police locally? Vote them out if they are not making you feel safe! That’s their one job!!

  11. Wyatt has the charismatic energy of a damp towel with a bag a day heroin problem. Open your eyes all the way bro!

  12. very great look at the topic! I'm liking this show more content wise, but i can't help but notice that about 70% of all shots (including some studio shots) are out of focus. It may not be a huge problem, but that definitely takes me out of the content for moments.

  13. Keep in mind every white mass murderer with a gun gets taken alive. They should have reached for the taser first

  14. You know what I just realized, if police sexually assault woman and are reported 1 every 5 days on it, then why would any woman want to be encouraged to be a police officer. It will stay male dominant for a looooong tine

  15. I’m glad Wyatt found a show that captures his ideas and voice so well. This is superb!

  16. Hate how underrated this show is right now. At least it's out for the viewing, and maybe someday people will realise the seriousness of the topics discussed here vs the ratings hungry mainstream media or pure comedy shows. Ironically, this host is also a comedian, and yet is not trying to make us laugh as much as say John Oliver.

  17. How does this work when the community doesn't want to get to know the officers?

  18. How about black people stop committing crimes and black people hold each other accountable so that the police don't have to interact with them?

  19. This presenter is an idiot.

  20. If I’m a cop and someone with a knife is about to attack me I think it’s reasonable to use deadly force. Cynthia’s situation I think was different in that she was seemingly in a state of physical duress because of the smoke and they had already planned non lethal measures to subdue her.

  21. Damn this show is shit

  22. sorry, even as a black man I can not be OK with the idea that people can come at police officers with a knife and try to wrestle with them. Cause next we will see a breaking news about an officer stabbed to death and outraged people will ask how a man with a gun got killed by a women with a knife who was not cooperating with him even after an hour of trying to talk them down.

  23. His response to H.EL.L.O. is pure gold! (5:57)

  24. edwin raymond! My hero. But the argument that if you come at me with a knife and I will shoot you is only ok for cops cuz they have a badge is bogus. In an open carry state with civilians having guns, I'm sure if someone came at them with a knife, they would shoot too. So it's not a debate about whether you're a cop or not. But I do agree that it wasn't necessary to shoot Cynthia with a gun especially since she's less than 5 foot and weigh less than 100 lbs. After all it was just one PO who opened fire. The the others were ready to use tasers and rubber bullets.

  25. They can afford to dance and hand out ice cream! They, recoup the cost, with good old fashioned asset forfeiture! The drug war has helped destroy citizen/POLICE relations! But, now they can show you how cool they are! At tax payer expense, and a little strong arming, every now and then!!!!

  26. Wyatt, why did you steal an amazing outfit from skid row???? It's bad enough that they live on the row, but then you have to keep them down, now whoever you took that from, will likely get arrested/ticketed for indecent exposure! Think Wyatt!!!

  27. Fuck the POLICE!!!! I have lived in many places, but always poor! I grew up in a predominantly white state, and those that are attacked/targeted are the poor! It doesn't matter what color you are! But, I know that what we refer to as minorities, are often poor, they can't fight back, in court. So, they get smoked! Add the drug war/ or any hustle that brings money, is a problem! And law makers & law enforcement go hard! It happens every FUCKING day!!

  28. Can I like this 3x? WOW

  29. This is criminally under-watched.

    The confrontation at the end was a mess. The crowd seemed more interested in shouting at the officers than talking, which guaranteed communication was going to break down.
    But they weren't wrong. In the video, the officer said they had rubber bullets prepped and ready. I'm wondering why in the hell they didn't go for that first. Even if they had to walk up to the car with it pointed at her head, the end result would've been 1,000x better.

  30. Michael Brown was it Criminal and that officer did nothing wrong

  31. While I respect community policing, especially after Ferguson, but community policing has been around since the indoctrination of policing. I also see you’re only talking about white cops. Check the Hispanic, black and muslin, etc. cops that do REAL community policing.

  32. Let's be real here, this asshole just hates cops.

  33. knives can kill .simple as that.

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