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Nonton Circle of Life – Modern Family Sub Indo

Circle of Life – Modern Family

Everyone celebrates once Haley’s twins are born.


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  1. Is this the lion king shit

  2. You both gonna get dog beds 😂

  3. What are the names of the babies

  4. Turn it off
    I cant turn it off its who I am

  5. As i was watching this i kept thinking about Haley’s character arc and how shitty it was that it ended this way. A legit circle. Then i thought about how it would have been better for Luke to have gotten a girl pregnant and then we can watch Luke assume more responsibility and settle into a dad role. His character hasn’t had much of an arc to begin with so that would have been a better option than scaling Haley back to square one. But cute babies

  6. This would’ve been a perfect way to end the show.

  7. Still wished she ended up with someone else

  8. Haley gave birth to twins?😭😭
    I'm still watching season 9…

  9. I'm very behind on the show… Out of curiosity, how long have they been back together and did they get married or anything?

  10. Lily and joe grow up so fast 😭😭😭

  11. Dylan for real? She deserves better😣


  13. 0:35 made me tear up. Phil will always support Haley

  14. Finally she's my Next is Alex.

  15. “You’re both going to get dog beds!”

  16. I loved this scene SO much ❣️ I’m bummed there’s only 1 more season left. I’m definitely going to miss the Dunphy/Pritchett/Tucker crew. This show and cast has brought me so much joy over the last decade + 🥰 I’m genuinely going to miss this show as part of my Wednesday night’s relaxation and comedy binge. Farewell to one of my favorite on-screen families✌🏻♥️😭 you were too good to me 💋

  17. I always heated Dylan’s character 🙄

  18. When Jay said “You’re both gonna get dog beds” I CRIED LMAOOO

  19. Next season…Is going to be their last season 😢

  20. When i started see the episode i thought it will be one of the worst episodes, and when i finished, i knew it's the perfect episode ever!

  21. I instantly burst out laughing

  22. I literally cried you guys…best scene ever, I mean a great family moment 😭😘❤

  23. So Cam and Mitch adopted them?😭❤️❤️

  24. I loooove this show .. ugh my heart can’t .. absolute favorite show of allllll time!

  25. am i the only one who is crying over the fact that haley didn’t end up with andy? 🥺

  26. Lmao geek charming her name was dylan

  27. What are people's obsession with twins lately??? Like in nearly every new show I see, the main character gives birth to twins 🤨

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