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Nonton Chrome Fly vs. Bronco – BattleBots Sub Indo

Chrome Fly vs. Bronco – BattleBots

Debris was flying everywhere during this bot battle! Watch this fight between Chrome Fly and Bronco.


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  1. Google Chrome has stopped working

  2. But Bronco could still not flip the drone…



  4. Bronco was stuck on the drone at the end. If Chrome Fly hadn't been out of the arena, Bronco would have lost lol

  5. Bronco be like:
    This bot empty

  6. What an unsportsmanlike driver. Cheap.

  7. The good thing about bronco is that he isn’t made to necessarily destroy bots, he is made to just get them counted out, and that makes it easy for people to fix there bots to him after they lose, with tombstone, he hits you and your bot is cut in 2

  8. 0:32 when ur bot looks fly but deep inside u know its literally trash

  9. I bet wrecks could destroy chromefly! That’s how trashy chromefly is! All bronco did was ran into chromefly and chromefly got abliderated.

  10. Chrome fly crawls like a Roomba

  11. bronco team acted like asshole on the end. Attacking drone during counting and even after KO. Boooooooooooooooo

  12. Chrome Fly vs Bronco
    Bronco wins

  13. If I was in this sport, I'd live by these rules:

    1. Make sure the bot can w/stand being hit.
    2. Make sure the bot can either self-right or drive upside down.

    And most important,
    3. DO NOT leave the bots' wheels exposed!!! (Ex. Minotaur ripped all 6 of Bronco's wheels off in the 2016 tournament.)

  14. He literally just broke the drone to be a dick.

  15. In wwe they said it's pre planned but they can't say it here 😂

  16. Chrome fly builder is a trash building a robot who's not capable on fighting

  17. 0:32 nerd cant belive his gay ass robot broke 😀 lmaoooo

  18. Bronco just throwing Chrome Fly out of the stage like he's saying GET OUT OF MY LAWN

  19. anyone know where i can watch full episodes

  20. this might be the best day of my life

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