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Nonton Chomp vs. Disk O' Inferno – FULL BATTLE – BattleBots Sub Indo

Chomp vs. Disk O' Inferno – FULL BATTLE – BattleBots

Now that’s a fight – watch the epic full battle of Chomp vs. Disk O’ Inferno!


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  1. That last hit from Chomp that missed actually took a piece out of the concrete floor

  2. Split decision win for Chomp, with the female judge giving it to Chloe Stephenson. No sexist favoritism there.

    Seriously though, she only won because she's a vet and they wanted to give her a win out of sympathy for the ass kicking she took in the previous season. Disk O' was clearly in control the entire fight and her crap AI aiming clearly couldn't land to save her life. The bot was always on its side getting flipped around by Disk O'. Then she goes on to get a lucky knock out by a bot malfunction in the next fight. What a disappointing, cumbersome insult to the sport.

  3. Aren't those screws useless? They jam every time they touch something, they do no damage same for the stage hummer


    lets say: CHOMP WINS!

  5. in my opinion, fire is pretty much a useless weapon for the bots, because they never burn the robots on fire, their weapons should be water so that way they can ruin the bots system.

  6. How could disc o inferno not get a wild card? He was good and one judge thought he won too. Instead ghost raptor somehow gets it.

  7. Chomp vs Disc O’Inferno
    Chomp wins

  8. Chomp shows girls just wanted to have fun and 🔥 hammer time 1988 89 mc

  9. Disc o inferno couldn't get a wildcard? But overhaul and ghost raptor did?

  10. Why are you even bothering to show us this video when you don't show the outcome? 🤦🏾‍♀️ WHO WON? 😖😠😠😠

  11. real steel low budget version

  12. Quelqu'un grâce a vodk ?

  13. For me Disk O' Inferno is a bad robot.

  14. Is that Adam Savage from Mythbusters?!😮

  15. Why did they switch the cam at 1:19 when the hit was about to happen?

  16. Cant you just put a water cannon on your bot?

  17. Como EU vim para aq kkk algum BR ?

  18. Chomp is the crappiest example of center of gravity ever….

  19. Youve got to wonder if the guys controlling the axes or flippers are watching the same figth,always missing or using it to late

  20. Lotta people seemed to get triggered huh

  21. Chomp is one of the dumbest robots I’ve ever seen.

  22. Hammers are pretty much useless in battle bots.

  23. I just played I'm your Boogie Man by Rob Zombie over this as I watched, I highly recommend it!

  24. Are they allowed to use magnets in the bots?

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