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Nonton Chernobyl: Open Wide, O Earth (Episode 3 Promo) | HBO Sub Indo

Chernobyl: Open Wide, O Earth (Episode 3 Promo) | HBO

Lyudmilla Ignatenko (Jessie Buckley), a Pripyat resident, ignores warning about her firefighter husband’s (Adam Nagaitis) contamination; Valery Legasov (Jared Harris) lays out a decontamination plan, complete with human risks.
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  1. I think HBO had no faith in GoT season 8 so they released Chernobyl midway

  2. Its good HBO made this series, because those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it

  3. Im from Australia, and just watched both of these back to back.
    I was 13 when this happened, didnt no much about it and still dont.
    I have just learned a lot more plus reading the wiki page about it.
    OMG, I dont no what to say. Earth, its the only one we have and we
    want to destroy it. Very sad indeed.
    My hat is off to the people who in real life gave up their lives to
    assist with the clean up. To all involved, many many thanks.
    And to HBO for making such a series.
    Hi from Australia.

  4. En Alemania a los niños no se les esta permitiendo jugar afuera, Boris se asoma por la ventana y ve a los jovenes de Chernobyl volver de la escuela, en la escena siguiente vemos a los jovenes caminar automaticamente siguiente del plano anterior con un plano de fondo de la fabrica humeando radiación, seguido vemos como camiones vienen por la gente de Chernobyl. 10/10

  5. Jared Harris definitely got this role based on his incredible performance as Lt. Crozier in The Terror! Definitely do check it out, absolutely amaaaaazing series.

  6. Are we getting the elephants foot next episode? There's definitely the liquid nitrogen/concrete filling by the looks of it, but I'm not sure when the foot was actually discovered…

  7. Could you stop comparing this with GoT? GoT is just fun. This is more like a document. I find it quite disrespectful that you judge it like another tv show. This is about something more..

  8. This series made GOT funny.

  9. How they got pripyat and the powerplant the sovjet helicopter so real? Is that computer annimation?

  10. Hace tiempo esperaba una serie de este tema y del sacrificio que tuvo que hacer la gente para evitar que todo se fuera al caraji

  11. Amazing tv show!showing the sacrifices of brave men and women some dying to save the many.thoughtfull and frightning.

  12. incredible tv series! I hope, however, that they will not "kill" Ananenko, Bespalov and Baranov in the show for the sake of drama (as if the subject of Chernobyl needs more). as shocking as it is, all three of them survived and continued working. Baranov died in 2005, but Ananenko and Bespalov are still alive and even recieved awards from the President of Ukraine last year.

  13. This serie is similar Westworld

  14. BRAVO. Can’t wait to see this episode. The first 2 are amazing. Excellent acting and really chilling and educational as to the extent of threat to lives and how they tried to play it down to begin with. This series deserves to win a lot of awards! It’s got us on the edge of our seats….

  15. whats fukushima ? answer 1 million chernobyl s OH IS HAPPENED AGAIN 10000 X STORONGER,

  16. When does the 3rd episode air?

  17. nice one HBO one of the bests after GoT

  18. Thank you, HBO, for choosing this theme. Big thanks from Russia for cast, Harris and Skarsgard looks true soviet.

  19. I can't wait for episode 3. I've watched the first 2episodes so many times already.

  20. fucking love this show already and there's only been two episodes. great writing is all it takes cough cough D&D.

  21. Outstanding job to all behind this series

  22. Waiting for the new release of this episode is as long as the Chernobyl's burn…

  23. Brilliant acting! (not sure about Gorbachev, though. Something here seems off)

  24. WHERE IS THE EPISODE 3 ON HBO GO??????????????????????????????????????

  25. Upload on HBO GO pls, just want to see this episode :/

  26. what time it. comes in hotstar according to.indian region

  27. This series is more frightening than any horror movie that's been made in the last 30 years.

  28. Аааа,это ахуенно🔥🤤

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