Home / HBO / Nonton Chernobyl: “Happiness of All Mankind” – Behind the Scenes of Season 1 Episode 4 | HBO Sub Indo

Nonton Chernobyl: “Happiness of All Mankind” – Behind the Scenes of Season 1 Episode 4 | HBO Sub Indo

Chernobyl: “Happiness of All Mankind” – Behind the Scenes of Season 1 Episode 4 | HBO

“We’re talking about 700,000 people being sent to clean up this impossibly contaminated area.” Understand more about the citizens and officials who risked their lives to dredge the devastation — and keep Soviet secrets from leaking to nearby European nations.

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Chernobyl: “Happiness of All Mankind” – Behind the Scenes of Season 1 Episode 4 | HBO

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  1. The camp of the troops of radiation, chemical and biological defense showed how the Orc village. Naked, dirty and drunk soldiers with direct and unlimited access to vodka (from radiation), inside a military camp, in the afternoon – nonsense. Where are the officers? Form of communication – "hey suka"… As usual create a collective image of stupid soviets, funny to watch. See real photos/videos.

  2. Indonesia mana suaranyaa?!

  3. I hope this goes on Netflix one day.

  4. Hey do you know that red flag 🚩 on the roof was loosing color in a hour due to radiation. Another men every hour climbed up the roof with new flag only to make “picture of disaster under soviet control”

  5. The Japanese Abe government is desperate to say that the continuing crisis at the nuclear meltdowns at Fukushima is over and that it has been "decontaminated". Through payoffs and corruption, they were able to get the Olympics in Japan and they have arranged with the Olympic Committee to have the baseball games and para-Olympics in contaminated Fukushima to whitewash the continuing contamination and dangers. The former head of the Olympics Tsunekazu Takeda has been arrested and is being prosecuted for illegal bribes and corruption by the French government.

  6. You're telling me 4000 unpaid liquidators can fix a 12000 roentgen roof but D&D can't fix Season 8?

  7. Episode 2 had me in tears because of the magnificence of the principal actors: Jared, Stellan and Emily. This experience felt like Live Television: something completely organic, happening in real-time, right before your very eyes.

    The cinematography is magnificent: that grey-greenish hue in Episode 1 that colors every scene, reminding me of the mid-2000s “CSI:Miami” TV show, shot with a orange hue that made principal David Caruso and cast, and the various Miami locations, appear as though the film camera lenses were coated with orange liqueur.

    I am so tired of The Bad Guy winning: frickin’ Cersei from GoT; the Bureaucratic Machine initially attempting to deny/cover up what actually happened at Chernobyl; Donald J(ackass) Trump et al.

    Onto Episode 5 soon: “Vechnaya pamyat” (Everlasting Memory)…

    Thank you, HBO, for your continued excellence 🤓

  8. Крутой сериал telecon documentary канал вот откуда половина фильма

  9. Хуйню вам показывают. Как всегда куча штампов западной пропаганды про пьяных русских. На деле лагерь ликвидаторов не был каким то палаточным лагерем хер пойми где.

    В сети полно документальных кадров о том как все было. А все балдеют от этой hbo-шной хуйни. Шедевр… Хуета то какая хуета.

    Произошла авария, которая потребовала приложения сил тысяч и тысяч советских людей для ликвидации и минимизации последствий. Вам в этой чернухе показывают что всех гнали из-под палки и под дулом автомата. Но ведь этого не было.

    Это говно могли снять только те кто до сих пор никак не придумают какими еще помоями облить СССР. 30 лет почти как нет СССР – а все не успокоятся.

  10. I never felt this kind of tense before while watching a series or movie i felt like i was there, this show is just a great art work.


  12. Thank you Chernobyl workers for stopping a second nuclear explosion. You saved millions and millions of white people lives god bless you and thank you white lives matter

  13. God protect the cats from Chernobyl please make sure that the cats have a secret underground concrete cat base that has clean food and clean water for the cats and that secret cat base near Chernobyl is underground and is protected from the radiation and that the mean hunters never ever find this secret Chernobyl cat base

  14. Please take cats into your home and give the cats a home give the cats food water heat air conditioning take as many cats as you can into your home and God will ?bless you and your family

  15. I wonder how many babies absorbed the radiation and the mothers lived.😢

    I can’t get that cracking noise out of my head the one when they test the radiation level, it’s so scary…

  16. Best cinematography 2019! !!

  17. 12,000 roentgen? How’d you get that number from feed water?

  18. I don't like to exaggerate things, but I think Johan Renck just may have established himself as one of the premier film directors of this generation. He did a brilliant job on this.

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