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Nonton Chernobyl: After the Aftermath Featurette | HBO Sub Indo

Chernobyl: After the Aftermath Featurette | HBO

“I grew up in Sweden and I was there in ‘86 when it happened and it was a big deal for us there.” Crew members who worked on the miniseries share how the nuclear fallout impacted their lives in Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and beyond. #HBO #ChernobylHBO #Chernobyl
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Jared Harris, Stellan Skarsgård and Emily Watson star in Chernobyl – the story about the 1986 nuclear catastrophe, and the sacrifices made to save Europe from unimaginable disaster.

Watch Chernobyl Mondays at 9 PM starting May 6. Only on HBO.

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Chernobyl: After the Aftermath Featurette | HBO

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  1. Thank you so much HBO. Just finished watching episode 5. Utterly fantastic! You deserve every accolade going for this superb series. It's rare that I cry, but you've got tears in my eyes again. A tragic story, tastefully told 👏👏👏

  2. Thank you HBO for this show, thank you. We need more shows like this.

  3. The funny thing is that Legasov is not a developer or a specialist in reactors. Got to the commission, one might say, by chance. But he is either a very conscientious person, or his health has suicidally affected him. Now his opinion about the accident can be beaten out on granite. And some facts do not tally with this opinion, for example, where did 90% of the reactor load go? Approximately 10% of the debris was buried.

    There was already somewhere: artistic fiction is when facts are not enough and you have to invent them. Artistically. On the subject of Chernobyl, the facts are known, however, the authors of the article deliberately distort them to get the picture they need. What picture they need is understandable. All this abomination is masked by high-quality shooting, so that you do not think and clap your hands.

    Unfortunately, regardless of the credibility of the facts that led to the accident on the 4th power unit, the myth-making of HBO already rewrites the story in the heads of the inhabitants of "affenland" under the leitmotif of Western propaganda.

    The worst thing about this jam is that it is of high quality.

    HBO can …

    The helicopter, by the way, is also propaganda. The film shows that it was like a suicide bomber, the first helicopter over a loaded reactor, caught burning graphite and immediately died.

    In real life it was "a little bit" no. Yes, there was one fallen helicopter. But he fell half a year after the accident (in October), when the fire had already been piled up long ago, nothing smoked like in the first days (the most radiation dangerous). There was a completely regular flight, I caught a crane cable — I didn’t notice against the Sun that, purely according to the theory of probability, taking into account the number of flights, it happens regularly.

  4. I wish our government purchased the rights to the show to be shown for educational purposes. People forgot and vote for commies again

  5. "In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act"… George Orwell

  6. See? You dont need cgi dragons for great production

  7. my mom's friend said that the same year of Chernobyl their crops (they were farmers) were bigger and plentiful than any year before and since

  8. Thank u for this.
    But I want watch about this more

  9. Craig Mazen deserves such credit for this. Absolute phenomenal

  10. Masterpiece! Amazing work, absolutely amazing. PS – good thing it's not done by netflix

  11. It's a pity that the streaming service (aggressively compressed) does not match the standards of the series. I shall buy a physical copy of the mini series, in full, uncompressed definition. Congratulations for the careful script, rich characters and superb actors, explendid photography and exquisite direction!

  12. This was the best series I watched in my entire life

  13. Look at this place, fifty-thousand people used to live in this city, now it's a ghost town. I've never seen anything like it.

  14. thank you for creating this show. Amazing.

  15. Days after the accident one man in my city went to work by bicycle. He got showered by this radioactive rain. Not much later he went completely bald on his body, and died very young at the age of 49. HBO you got it right. This is the best TV series ever. Greetings from Hungary.

  16. How cool would've been if they found Lyudmilla and the guys who drained the water for an interview

  17. Thank you to everyone who was involved in making this show! Thank you HBO!

  18. This Is , probably, One of the best TV shows ever created and I really loved it

  19. Awesome screenplay and loved this show

    2:14 pubg school

  20. Thanks HBO for such an amazing series

  21. Chernobyl should become a cultural legacy for generations. Amazing work, this show deserves all the awards that it would be nominated for.

    Guys, please spend a minute or two and rank this show on IMDB. Let everyone know what masterpiece it is.

  22. Three mile island next please

  23. You all understood. Thank You. God bless United States. If you want eliminate putins regime make more serials about russia and soviet russia. They history is total human devastation and lie.

  24. Thanks HBO! This series is truly a masterpiece!
    I am from Ukraine and I know a lot about this story. My grandfather told me about the day of the accident, he just turned 50 years that day. At the physics lessons at school, we puzzled out the structure of the 4-th reactor and the teacher explained the causes of the accident to us. And in our country there is a whole category of people who have benefits. Like war veterans. These are liquidators. We call them "Chernobyltsy".

    Despite the fact that Chernobyl affected the life of every person in Ukraine – unfortunately since 1986
    we have not create series like that…. So thanks to all the creators of the series!

    P.S. You can go on a tour in Chernobyl. It is very interesting. Ukraine is a wonderful country. In addition to Chernobyl – we have a lot of interesting!

  25. GREAT SHOW! Thank you for sharing with us. NEXT: HBO needs to make other nuclear disaster miniseries, like one for fukushima, etc. etc. would be nice to watch and see what happened.

  26. Perfect narrative, perfect arctors, perfect decoration (except pastic windows on the buildings .. haha). In my point of view the story is little bit crumpled. There is no true scale of evacuation, no true scale of plannig the liquidation, the part with miners has no end. Anyway HBO made a grate job, thanks!

  27. 1:10 his voice here is quite different 😳

  28. I'm just happy that FINALLY we got a true masterpiece, but fuck this, I mean now more and more people will know about the accident, about the HEROES of Chernobyl, and about this – that we need to help ourselves anyways, after all we are all humans 🙂

  29. Superb show. Masterpiece. Classic. Awesome. Please HBO do not make season two, do not make soap opera of it.

  30. The best show about Chernobyl. Thank you very much! This story is import for the whole world! The details and wish to create a remarkable memorial for those heroes who saved our world are amazing. In Russia producers and directors don't pay so much attention for details of our own history. I am really happy. And it is very interesting how our official Kremlin channels lie about the show in which the main evil is lie. I was interested in Chernobyl since childhood. It was even the reason for me to become physicist. And I had no hope to see series or film about this disaster. Especially not from abroad. Thank you again!

  31. there is hardly any documentation and the stupid American is interested in Cherbobyl.

    Again typical for this monkey folk

    Fuck Americans

  32. It's the best series that I've ever seen

  33. Great mini-series. An indictment of the failed Communist system and it's 3rd rate RBMK nuclear technology.

  34. HBO – Please do more docudramas like this one. This made me want to keep my HBO subscription lol! People want realistic shows to watch.

  35. There was a lot of truth, and of course some "klukva" (I don't know how to say it in english)

  36. Bonjour;
    C'est la Chine qui avait construit l'usine mystérieuse de Chernobyle.

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