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Charmed | The Source Awakens Scene | The CW

Charmed is new Sundays at 9/8c on The CW and available next day on The CW App:


About Charmed:
After the tragic death of their mother, three sisters in a college town are stunned to discover they are witches. Soon this powerful threesome must stand together to fight the everyday and supernatural battles that all modern witches must face: from vanquishing powerful demons to toppling the patriarchy.

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Charmed | The Source Awakens Scene | The CW

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  1. Oh you know what happens you find out they've been talking about you behind your back

  2. I wonder how it will compare to the secret circle

  3. Macy is going to be creating alternate realities trying to make the world into her own Utopia.

  4. see comment before video. best for the last

  5. So woke, much cringe

  6. I M still shipping Macy N Harry

  7. Is Galvin a familiar now?

  8. Hey CW in case you missed it, Batwoman looks like absolute garbage.

  9. Demon Macy is SCARY AF…

  10. What a desappointment! the characters👎 and the intrigues are tasteless, a scenar😡 as rude as nerdy .Charmed has definitel👎 😡lost all its charm. I would refrain from seeing the rest to keep a good memory of the original.👎

    😡This review is a disaster, the humor is😡 👎really forced, the original series has👎 nothing to do with this series completely grotesque, it seems that everything is forced, No natural … the old series were played much better today. Charmed 2018 is a disaster. Children's series.

    🤬The actresses are in automatic pilot🤬 mode of over acting. It's badly done, poorly written. We are far from the Halliwel

  11. Are people really watching this shitty remake?
    Even worse than the Kim Possible live action movie

  12. Macy is powerful × Galvin's is alive so I'm Happy

  13. Noooooo for heaven sakes come up with new material all ready as much as the 90s we're awesome please stop remaking classics and turning them into Nickelodeon Disney garbage

  14. “Remember when she eviscerated Alister with her mind?”
    “Yeah, Mel. It was like the end of last episode. Not something we’d just forget about.”

  15. the off brand charmed is still going on, I see ..

  16. Phoebe: I am the source’s wife
    Macy: Hold My Spells.

  17. Maggie and Mel can summoned their late mother for help with Macy's darkness

  18. I hope Macy turns into the mad queen and summons a dragon and rides around on it and BURNS EVERYTHING DOWN. lol jk but I hope the season finale is good.

  19. Charmed was great in the 90s just leave it alone! We do not need you destroying those good memories as well.

  20. I have no words for the season finale ….😅

  21. Amazing episode it was actually better IMO then the series final of the OG Charmed. I can’t wait for season two, I hope we get a full season trailer so people are not mislead and quick to judge this time! Such an awesome show! It’s not boring one bit!

  22. I want to know what Harry was thinking when she read his mind

  23. I’m still not as struck on this series as the original

  24. Worst show ever. Too much political BS

  25. The show is quite good, but it needs a proper titles sequence.

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