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Nonton Charmed | Madeleine Mantock Interview: Mind Over Matter | The CW Sub Indo

Charmed | Madeleine Mantock Interview: Mind Over Matter | The CW

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Charmed | Madeleine Mantock Interview: Mind Over Matter | The CW

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  1. Can u guys take Shadowhunters to ur channel
    It is an amazing show and we would love to see more seasons of it

  2. Whhhat didn’t know there was a new season thingy!!I miss the old shows this is such a good idea

  3. Good luck trying to find a scientific explanation Macy lol bc your not gonna get one it’s magic there is no science lol I love her character already can’t wait to see you in action 🤗😍😍

  4. I'm sure Macy will develop enough control of her telekinesis to be able to nudge cars that are inconsiderately parked. It will be very interesting to get the perspective of a research scientist on the revelation of a magical world. You can still provide limited scientific explanations for some of what these charmed ones encounter.

  5. I want it now! I'm rooting for Macy. She is my favorite already.

  6. Telekinesis is just so normal these days. Some demons, warlocks and evil witches can demonstrate it too. She should have been given a completely new power, like the ability to manipulate, distort or reshape objects, not just plain telekinesis. Remember, they're the most powerful trio of witches in the world. But I think Macy is a cool character.

  7. I’m appalled her character doesn’t squint her eyes awkwardly as the camera zooms in like Shannen Doherty had to do in the first season.

  8. Hope max one season and it´s over !

  9. Sooo she's not Latina after all? 😕

  10. Charmed: the PC Millennial edition 😂😂😂

  11. I would love to see an originally black cast cast taken and changed to a white one and watch the hypocrisy unfold.

  12. Nothing about her accent? :-O

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