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Nonton Can Dorit Kemsley Make Up With Lisa Vanderpump & Kyle Richards? | RHOBH Highlights (S9 E12) Sub Indo

Can Dorit Kemsley Make Up With Lisa Vanderpump & Kyle Richards? | RHOBH Highlights (S9 E12)

Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsley try to find middle ground over lunch, while PK and Kyle Richards are still on the outs. Can all of the drama be mended? Find out on the RHOBH Season 9 Episode 12 highlights here.

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About the Show
The City of Angels serves up a slice of heaven when Bravo Media’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns for Season 9. Erika Girardi, Dorit Kemsley, Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave, Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, and Lisa Vanderpump are joined by new housewife Denise Richards and friend Camille Grammer for a jaw-dropping season sprinkled with exhilarating highs and shocking lows. The epitome of a working mom—perfectly blending her carefree California attitude with the glamour of a Hollywood actress—newcomer Denise uses her very direct demeanor to carve out a place amongst the opinionated group, which she finds is both a blessing and a curse.

This season, the stakes are higher than ever for each of the ladies, and while there is no shortage of laughs, they are forced to navigate a string of confrontations that could change the dynamic of the friend group forever. Following her brother’s recent passing, Lisa Vanderpump puts all her energy into her family, work demands and maintaining a positive attitude. Kyle is settling into her new house after a well-publicized robbery and sending her daughter Sophia off to college, all while trying to determine the future of her Beverly Hills clothing store. Feeling like she’s found her mojo, Dorit is expanding her swimwear line to include a lifestyle brand, but working against tight deadlines makes her realize she may have bitten off more than she can chew. Meanwhile, Erika takes the ultimate leap of faith – and financial risk – when she embarks on an Erika Jayne National Tour, hoping her fans will show up to support her. As her business flourishes into a multi-million dollar empire, the always-on-the-go Teddi must adjust to the newfound pressures of running her company while simultaneously maintaining her supermom status. Lisa Rinna begins to wonder if acting still excites her, while coping with an empty household, as her husband is constantly traveling and her model daughters are getting ready to leave the nest. Camille is prepping for her wedding day and though she is more than ready to leave the past behind, moving forward might not be as easy as she had hoped.

Brandi Glanville
Denise Richards
Dorit Kemsley
Erika Girardi
Kyle Richards
Lisa Rinna
Lisa Vanderpump
Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave

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Can Dorit Kemsley Make Up With Lisa Vanderpump & Kyle Richards? | RHOBH Highlights (S9 E12)

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  1. Sleazy Kyle how much did you pay 💰 to get your daughter into school 🏫

  2. Wow I never miss an episode yet I did not see the meeting/lunch with Dorit, Pk, Ken and LVP. Thank God I have On Demand. I see now it was episode 12.

  3. These women (especially Dorit) are so incredibly childish and catty! The way they are all excluding LVP is something that girls would do in high school. Constantly gossiping about each other behind their backs and then acting lovey dovey to their faces. FAKE FAKE FAKE! I can't stand Dorit, Kyle and Camille. Why isn't Kyle sticking up for Lisa? They have been best friends since the beginning and now she's going on the side of people she has only known for a year or two. Not to mention Lisa needs as much support as she can after all she's been through with her brother dying. Really shows Kyle's true colours. Dorit manipulating the whole puppy situation into being about her as a victim is painful to watch, grow up. If Lisa is swearing on her dogs', husband's, childrens' and dead brother's lives that she didn't release the story than it is pretty obvious that she's telling the truth and if these women are still accusing her of lying after those oaths, then that is downright offensive and disrespectful. I can understand 100% why Lisa and Ken reacted in that way to Kyle and why Lisa is steering clear of the women. She owes them nothing!

  4. Who in the hell is PK Gum and Doritos?

  5. Kyle is DEAD BORING without Lisa Vanderpump. She needs to have friction with LVP for a good storyline

  6. Erika is SO jealous of LVP

  7. Kyle is always looking for something to start. Even her voice is so ruff ruff. When she listens to the other girls she has a evil look on her face,smug. She needs to go.

  8. Get rid of Dorit and Teddy 4 sure

  9. Kyles facelift is making her a witch

  10. Who cares of Lisa Vanderpump don't come back Lisa didn't add nothing to the show that was spectacular you got Erika Jayne baby come on Lisa Rinna these ladies add something Lisa Vanderpump oh she won't be missed I'm going to continue to watch the housewives all the Housewives

  11. I think last night episode was great how all the women and their husbands got together and they did something that was upbeat nice all of them went out to see Erika Jayne it was great I enjoyed the show last night

  12. Lisa Vanderpump got caught up in her mess and for real that lie detector test girl. Bye Felicia that was some bogus bullcrap trying to steal cover them tracks cover them lies. Lisa brought nothing to the show she got a whole bunch of business out of the show and great but as far as entertainment she was not entertaining at all on the show

  13. Ok so when Kyle fell out with Camille and her husband told her in her face to fix it cause he wanted Camille business

  14. And the only reason Kyle is on Dorit side is so they can sell her house which she’s gonna probably lose in forclousre I watch million dollar listing and PK and Doritos house is listed under Kyles husband company so LVP is right if Kyles husband wants to list ur property they will suck up to the devil to get the business Kyle is Vile just like she sold her sisters out LVP was the only one telling her not to miss out on her family the rest of them sat at the reunion like they was bored that year if LVP goes than I’m never watching the mean girls again and if they even try to bring Brandi back on I’m done she’s tried for years to go after LVP and she will end up being a dog for the mean girls and let’s not forget that Lisa R went after Kim Eichards and Kyle did nothing about it

  15. LVP is filthy rich. I'd be friends with her.

  16. Dorit and her fake accent 🤮

  17. These are grown up woman, right? Mothers that are supposed to be examples to their kids..,I don't remember when my kids ( well in this case daughter) was five and would "fight" over a toy at playground.

  18. LVP. Is better off to walk off and get her another spin off I’m so sick of them kicking LVP whiles she’s down

  19. Why would you want to be friends with the woman you accuse of having leaked an embarrassing story about you to tabloids?

  20. Everyone wears white shirts except Kyle of course, she wears gold.

  21. 😂😂😂 Doritos , fish net top and headband !!! FAIL ! She looks a mess 😂

  22. Why is Dorit still on the show! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  23. Fire Dorit, she adds literally nothing just a generic fake

  24. Erika is all about herself and honestly I doubt if she even gives a damn about these women. You can tell she doesn't like competition and that's why all her friends are gay guys

  25. Mo’ money, mo’ problems, very silly problems, high school mean girls meaningless problems

  26. Also knowing that Lisa had just lost her brother and they’re all going against her… fuck em

  27. Imagine pk and LVP have an affair

  28. Actually I like PK but as for Dorit she is careless and makes a lot of senseless mistake then denies truth of her actions or she try to cover it up with her fake accent.
    So I agree with Camille, Dorit comes across fake & a lot of the fans think that as well.
    I actually like all the HW, they all bring something different to the table, this season don't like them as much. I think this dog drama was plain stupid, the way they treated LVP with out any proof of her involvement show's how mean & heartless they are towards someone that is grieving. Kyle was the worse one of them all, she went on the attack straight away choosing to believe in Teddy over her long time friend LVP. Kyle kept bringing up the past, well they all did to justify how mean & cruel they were. Not one defended LVP they made her an out cast so I don't blame LVP from walking away from these toxic ladies.
    They knew she was not in a good place & she was making & saying the wrong things at times with Erika note, ect… It was hard for LVP to express her self correctly she was emotionally drained and emotionally weak over the lost of her brother & a beloved dog. These ladies have shown that they had no compassion for LVP so I'm glad she walked away from these toxic ladies. That took a lot of courage and strength for LVP cause of her loyalty to bravo. It may of been different if at least one person was supporting her but not one of them wanted to show any compassion what so ever.
    They all went on the attack straight away with Dorit playing victim of betrayal, Teddy playing victim of manipulation and Kyle playing victim as well. Say what you want about LVP, she has defended these women in the pass & they all turned there back's on her when she needed them most. Walking away is the only thing any normal person who is grieving would do, LVP needed to collect her selves.

  29. Denise at the end 😂 😂😂 😂

  30. Kyle, Dorit, Teddi and Rinna are as low as they come. Truly pitiful!!!

  31. Kyle an her pack, Want Karma to eat them all up now, Lisa's the only true one,

  32. TFS but RHOBH boring BRAVO! Big YAWN!!!!


  34. Witch-hunt is what it is and hope bravo have lvps back as she deserves better when the reunion comes up as it’s obviously the truth lvp didn’t do wrong and the other Lisa r who is shit stirring the others omg hate them witches love lvp the queen of reality shows 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  35. Dorit accents is horrid like I’m British but my god I wonder if she putting it on. 😂💆🏾‍♀️

  36. Knew Dorit's first season of compulsive lies was beyond toxic to poisonous. She is unwatchable, and one of the worse things to happen to the RHOBH. Like watching a slow motion train wreck.

  37. I rather see pk than kyle

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