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Nonton BTS: Now Am Found ft. Nic Pizzolatto | True Detective | Season 3 Sub Indo

BTS: Now Am Found ft. Nic Pizzolatto | True Detective | Season 3

True Detective creator and producer Nic Pizzolatto brings us into Detective Hays’ past with an exclusive look behind the scenes of season 3, episode 8. Starring Mahershala Ali, Stephen Dorff and Carmen Ejogo.


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  1. I think lil nic thinks he's a better writer than he actually is lol

  2. So in season 3 the villain was short memory?

  3. That ending! fucking loved it! it was somewhat healing and a bit melancholic #Purple

  4. Here's a question: In the end, did he knew? Or was he faking he couldn't remember? I don't wanna spoil much…

  5. The Last Of Us theme, nice

  6. I liked the ending. In the end, Wayne does find Julie, either he was faking his dementia at the moment or not, the best option was to leave her at peace.

  7. He is a fucking masterpiece man, fuck u all lol

  8. i like se3 it was very good.

  9. Excellent season. was hoping for a big conspiracy ending sorta thing though but the ending is also great

  10. best season, excellent ending.

  11. I'm really not sure how I feel about this season.

  12. So, best part about the finale was… Roland fighting the biker gang? Wow

  13. Ronald should have been a main character as well

  14. Great season! Enjoyed it very much.

  15. 3rd season proves that Season 2 is a good season compare to this one.

  16. the ending was beautiful, this story was beautiful.

  17. No GoT trailer but this shit

  18. For me, this was on par with season 1 up to the last episode. Fantastic. I just wish they did more with the finale considering how many breadcrumbs were scattered throughout the season. Tell us more about the horsemen etc… It's almost like they needed one more episode to tie up these loose ends. Maybe I need to watch it again to appreciate it a different way.

  19. What a shitty finale , so much build up for an awful ending , did a kid wrote the show, at least season 2 sucked in each episode. Bad content 4/10.

  20. Wayne getting "lost" outside her house was the best way to end it I think.
    He pretty much solved the case, knew Julie was alive but she was probably best left alone.

    Loved season 3.

  21. Once you realise that the whole season is from Wayne’s perspective in 2015 and not an objective portrayal of events. The whole season makes so much more sense and the ending is very bitter sweet.

  22. True Detective 3
    I needed that. Thx Nic

  23. Why did they make it seem so bad like they were covering up the disappearance of the kids

  24. fukunaga=true detective
    pizzolato=fake detective

  25. Now, having seen the entire third season of “True Detective”, I
    can say that this was a solid, well acted one and a clear rebound after
    the second season’s doldrums. The performances from the three leads,
    Mahersala Ali, Stephen Dorff and Carmen Ejogo were excellent and strong.
    I also liked the chemistry the characters had with each other in the
    portrayal of their relationships, Mahersala Ali with Stephen Dorff, and
    Mahersala Ali with Carmen Ejogo. Never did any of the characters feel
    like a third wheel or dead weight, like in the show;’s second season…it
    was more like the tripod which anchored the season’s storyline and plot
    points. The supporting cast was just as good, with a special shut-out to
    Scoot McNairy and Michael Greyeyes.

    I like how the story unfolded and kept moving between the three
    distinct timelines. This season’s themes were time, memory, space and
    the stories that bind all of that, the stories that define us and the
    people in our lives The ending was soo appropriate and cathartic…almost

    No, this season doesn’t have the hype and “wow” factor of the first,
    but it doesn’t matter since it doesn’t have to, because it can
    definitely stand on its own. I hope “True Detective” continues, because I
    think there are more compelling stories to tell in this anthology
    format. 8 out of 10

  26. Masterpeace! Julie finds Hays! Bravo!!!

  27. By far my favorite season. The writing dug deep man. It’s hard to put in words which means good art to me. Recon ending was perfect.

  28. This season was great but the finale is too bad and disappointed

  29. Lot more questions than answers in this finale: 1.) Did his Alzheimer's flare up when he tracked down "Mary July" or did he realize that confronting her about her past would do more damage than good and decide to take that secret to his grave? Remember Roland was like "were just forgetful old men" as a cover if they were caught breaking into the estate???
    2.) Did anyone notice how eerily similar the 2 grandkids riding bikes down the street looked to the Purcell kids in the beginning???

    3.) Him, & his wife walking out the bar, & even younger him walking into the jungle. Were those just memories, & some kind of symbol for him passing on???
    Still great season, on par with S1 IMO.

  30. One-eyed man spouted bland exposition of the whole mystery – that's not a good device for a detective series of any kind. And let's not even delve into the fact that the entire show was deliberately crafted to point to a conclusion that would justify such intricate intellectual and emotional baiting, and then made the literal opposite just for the sake of subverting viewers' expectations

  31. Oh Nicky – What have you done???
    The true killer was suppose to blow our minds!

  32. Why did Julie call the tip line, asking her father to stop looking for her? Did the Druggy Mom kill herself? Who killed the Hoyt Security officer/ ex-patrolman? Why so much pointing towards the attorney general? Who were the white sheet ghosts? The episodes were very long winded. I nodded off from time to time.
    I thought Wayne found the backpack in the woods. Maybe, I imagined that bit. 😣

  33. Hey Nick, If you’re reading this, the finale was sloppy AF. 👎🏻

  34. Season 1 9/10, Season 2 7/10, Season 3 10/10

    Best season so far, best acting so far, there could be two Grammy's here for both main and supporting actor. Plot was masterpiece. Ending is not i want its what it is, show matured into not going with expectations.

    P.S. Why are you all bitching about not having bigger and broader plot of evil network. Who SAYS there isn't one, there OBVIOUSLY is it just wasnt integral part of the storyline, also can't you see that Nic just made the perfect foundation for Season 4 where he couls finally connect all three Seasons and go with the broader conspiracy.

  35. My question is: has anything even happened this season or it's just a projection of Wayne's subconcious while tracking down some in Vietnam's jungle?

  36. We need some connection with season 1. We need rust and marti back in true detective for good.

  37. Top quality season. Mahershala Ali and Stephen Dorff were phenomenal. I expect a double Emmy nomination, same as Matthew and Woody. This was a great return to form for the show (even though I didn't really hate season 2).

  38. I loved the series but hated the twisty conclusion. Ali is a great actor.

  39. just finished season 3. LOVED IT!! such great writing and storytelling

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