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Nonton BTS: Journey Inside w/ Jeffrey Wright & Madeleine Sackler | O.G. Sub Indo

BTS: Journey Inside w/ Jeffrey Wright & Madeleine Sackler | O.G.

Director Madeleine Sackler and Jeffrey Wright discuss the time they spent in Pendleton Correctional Facility with incarcerated men and correctional officers to make O.G. as authentic as possible. Starring Jeffrey Wright, Theothus Carter and William Fichtner. Now available on HBO GO and HBO NOW.

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  1. Where is GOT S8 Trailer HBO® cowards

  2. Am sorry if we started to sound annoying but could you release the trailer of GoT by the way this show looks good

  3. Game of Thrones Trailer drops Today Before True Detective ./

  4. man he played that old head prison fella pretty dam good.

  5. "Doesn't Look Like Anything To Me" HBO®

  6. Hey HBO! Give us a Sunday gift and DROP the TRAILER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hbo let us speculate and probe this last season trailer of got, drop it already or I'm gonna loose my shit

  8. Very nice, Bernard, but you shall bring the GOT s08 trailer or I shall eat out every fvcking Dolores in Westworlds!

  9. Jeffrey Wright is figgin AWESOME.

  10. Can't wait. When is this coming out ?? OMG

  11. I can't the guy played as beacher played his role while being in prison

  12. When can I watch this movie. Looks good. That actor is great.

  13. I STILL want a "PEOPLES" movie!!! (his character from SHAFT)

  14. Amazing show.

    Two Resources for Prisoners…

    1) To Donate Spiritual Books to Prisoners:


    2) Prison Ashram Project – teaching meditation and spirituality to the incarcerated since the early 70's…


  15. This shit is gonna be straight beautiful…I can already tell… I pray that I can be in a movie this compelling one day

  16. This is so dope, like OxyContin

  17. Just finished watching it…outstanding performance by Jeffrey Wright

  18. Hey HBO, will you not work with Madeleine Sackler? Her family is responsible for the opioid epidemic that has plagued our country for decades and killed 400,000 people. Madeleine, maybe you should point out the moral failings of your family before you start pointing out moral injustices elsewhere in society. I love the fact that you are speaking out for prison reform. Those men and women do need a voice. But what Madeleine Sackler is doing is reputation washing. #JAILTHESACKLERS

  19. Isn't the Director from the family who owns Purdue Pharma? aren't they worth $13 BILLION? Didn't her family create Oxycontin. I am glad that she lives a life of luxury from the profits of a drug that killed MANY of our nations young men and women. Madeleine Sackler should do a documentary on the opioid epidemic in this country. I am disappointed in HBO for working with her. #JAILTHESACKLERS

  20. "Im gonna have to stretch ya"…
    And I see Luther from The Warriors in the body shop still acting

  21. Madeline Sackler, the opiate princess using her blood money to whitewash her reputation. Don't be fooled by any of this garbage.

  22. This is a great watch.be good to see how he gets on outside.jeffrey Wright is so underated.he should be the main man in films and not just bit parts.hes different class

  23. Jeffrey Wright…..outstanding actor

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