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Nonton BTS: Hunters in the Dark ft. Nic Pizzolatto | True Detective | Season 3 Sub Indo

BTS: Hunters in the Dark ft. Nic Pizzolatto | True Detective | Season 3

Creator Nic Pizzolatto discusses the title of episode 6, Hunters in the Dark, and it’s relation to a detective’s work. Starring Mahershala Ali, Stephen Dorff and Carmen Ejogo.


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  1. Great season it was worth the wait.Thank you HBO.

  2. So we finally meet the man with the dead eye! Now the question is… who is the woman that he'd been seen with on that guy's property? One thing they have to find out real quick is whether or not Mr. Hoyt really was on that safari in Africa. Because if he was, then I seriously doubt that Julie had been kidnapped in order to hand over to him.
    But it's looking less and less likely that Amelia had anything to do with any of this. I hope so, because that would be pretty corny.

  3. we all knew tom was weak , between you and me they should of casted a manlier man character , you know what i mean

  4. Never thought Amelia was involved but she was absolutely the 3rd Detective. The DIstrict Attorney was paid very well. Deep pockets are behind this, even if it’s not Hoyt directly. But how did Julie escape the Pink Room?

  5. By the way, anybody notice the Ardoin Landscaping truck outside the Home when Amelia was talking to that girl that knew Julie?

  6. Illuminati Rich Raper Cults: Confirmed!

  7. I believe Julie's mom Lucy, maybe sold her daughter into sex slavery, but they didn't need or want the boy, so he was killed.

  8. At this point Hayes has another disability it's called blind man on emotions.. how in the world his allowed to be a detective again is mind bending.. the guy could not solve a cased if his souls was on the line..

  9. I feel bad for Tom. He loved those kids and I doubt either are his. After watching all of those videos about that crazy man that killed his kids in Colorado, Tom was waaaay to emotional to have done anything to those kids which is a normal person’s response to their kids coming up missing. Only two episodes left and a lot to explain. I really wish GOT was coming on right after this show ends.

  10. it's either Julie herself or Harris Hoyt that killed the brother. Tom is not their real father. That's why Lucy and Danny got silenced. The reason Wayne forgot his memories and didn't call Roland after all this time is probably because, as a military man, he wiped out Julie and Hoyt kingdom just like that. He probably saw what they did with Tom in that pink room and then shit went haywire and Amelia is the only witness.

  11. I seriously think they solved the case in 1990, but Wayne doesn’t remember that. And I think he doesn’t because some bad things happened…

  12. I have a theory: the reporter is Julie Purcell, she wants to know who killed her brother and her relatives

  13. In the opening credits they show fireworks numerous times. I still think Will died in an accident

  14. Julie sounds like a victim of MK Ultra: multiple names and identities and not knowing who she is. Pink room=Beta slave programming.

  15. Notice how they frame that lamp in the foreground of that shot of Hays in the office?
    UFOs! The Hoyt Castle is actually a UFO!
    I'm sorry, but I had to. I'm feeling a little goofy today.

  16. That scream from Tom…was heartbreaking.

  17. this episodes' ending really freaked me out.

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