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Nonton Bridezillas – Bridezillas: Tasha's Freakout Moment Sub Indo

Bridezillas – Bridezillas: Tasha's Freakout Moment

Indecisive is the name of the game. Even Bridezilla Tasha isn’t sure if she’s going to marry Jeff.

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  1. seems to me like her family was tryna get rid of her by talking her into still marrying him dont blame them shes annoying

  2. I think the dress is fine. Anyway, I don't see this marriage lasting.

  3. I hate that a lot of women only want to get married because they get to plan a wedding. Most of them completely forget that on the other side of that wedding is a marriage. They don't focus on anything else…just the wedding.

  4. Why do black girls get weaves that look like a wig? I thought a weave was supposed to look natural with a blend of their own hair visible? She looks so tacky and with a attitude to match.

  5. Why would anyone want her?She's psycho!

  6. Personally, I think a brides dress should be white, but that's just my own opinion.

  7. clearly she marrying him for a financial gain.you can tell the thought of him disgust her.

  8. Wedding night jitters? Knowing that she must now live up to her "something lemon in (her) vagina"?
    Though I will say I'm uncomfortable with her family basically ignoring her concerns. Not that I think they should wrap her in soft blankets and give her a cup of tea, but…talk to her, maybe?
    (Understanding the show was basically staged.)

  9. I’ve literally never seen a bride this indecisive on getting married. Obviously both sides get cold feet. But never call off the wedding this much

  10. She dead ass wrong for not telling that man how she feels.

  11. Why didn’t she just accept the ring but hold off on the wedding I mean there are people who stay engaged for 10 years it’s not like she had to get married right away.

  12. Why does she have so much doubt??

  13. She looks like she's going to prom..not her wedding.

  14. Thank God for make up!! What a horse face

  15. Getting married in a prom dress

  16. Bitch is as ugly as the dress🤮🤮🤮🤭

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