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Nonton Bowen Yang: BTS Reject | 2 Dope Queens | Season 2 Sub Indo

Bowen Yang: BTS Reject | 2 Dope Queens | Season 2

Bowen Yang serves up some BTS reject realness! Watch 2 Dope Queens Fridays at 11PM on HBO.


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The hit comedy podcast 2 Dope Queens, featuring Jessica Williams (The Incredible Jessica James) and Phoebe Robinson (Broad City), come to HBO for a series of four hour-long specials

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  1. This guy said two words and my gaydar was going off like the Geiger counters in Chernobyl

  2. XD LOL BTS' name is being used everywhere now for views, at least is show how relevant they are, X3

  3. Another gay Asian comedian?

  4. awwwhhhh!!! I wanted to see more! this gorgeous gaysian is both yummy AND funny! hope to see more of Bowen Yang

  5. my cousins name is bowen.


    so true

  7. Ha! Administrative assistant!

  8. He is amazing! I died! 😂😂

  9. K. Looks cool. The jokes are working. Just keep up the tempo by a notch. Don't let the laugh ends first.

  10. "Meteor rise – those things fall bitch"

  11. Those glasses are dope

  12. I saw BTS and I clicked

  13. he is HILARIOUS. perfect comedic timing! can't believe i burst out laughing multiple times in this short span of three and a half minutes.

  14. I can’t believe I have never heard of him before! He stole the show on SNL last night!

  15. Came here from SNL 😅

  16. Am I the only one who finds the "Asian Mule" joke not funny and kind of offensive?! You don't have to go down there, Bowen, you really don't have to…

  17. LMAO "Meteoric rise" killed me like it did Barney and Friends😂😂

  18. Oh no this boy did not just mention BTS and then they put it in the title knowing how army is 😅😂

  19. I love how 2 Dope Queens r giving Asians some long overdue ❤️!

  20. O he did a cameo in “isnt it romantic?” He was so funny as gay

  21. Is "you look like a BTS reject" a thing now? This is 2nd time I have heard it. I feel like that is soon going to be a phrase used when someone tries to look like a kpop idol but ends up failing.

  22. it’s weird not seeing him do a monologue from devil wears prada

  23. if you were a risk taker you would use your grindr on 100% brigthness

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