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Nonton Ash vs Evil Dead | Season 2 Tease | STARZ Sub Indo

Ash vs Evil Dead | Season 2 Tease | STARZ

On October 2, Ash and team are back and there will be blood. Insanely awesome amounts of blood.

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“Ash vs Evil Dead,” a 10-episode half-hour series, is the long-awaited follow-up to the classic horror film, The Evil Dead. The second season roars back into action with Ash leaving his beloved Jacksonville and returning to his hometown of Elk Grove, Michigan. There, he confronts Ruby. The former enemies have to form an uneasy alliance as Elk Grove soon becomes the nucleus of evil.

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Ash vs Evil Dead | Season 2 Tease | STARZ

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  1. At 0:06, why is that woman behind ash and why is she with the guys? She's a fucking witch.

  2. Best fucking tv show ever

  3. Кто от опти плюс

  4. Good
    I'm the guy with the gun.

  5. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamy God yeeeeeessss

  6. 0:01 when ash is grabbing the chainsaw, its the farewell to arms book!

  7. watching while eating fries with tomato sauce!

  8. looks just as good as season 1 except it expanded or filming locations and times gore by 10x. looks amazing and epic I'll be waiting

  9. Season 1 of this show was great. Going by this trailer, it seems that season 2 is something to look forward to.

  10. I know what I'm getting October.

  11. 💕Lucy Lawless divando como sempre!!!! 😍😍😍

  12. This is way better than Boooring Dead…

  13. I was not expecting that much gore. Not that I'm complaining, or anything…

  14. I hope Season 2 changes to a 1h per episode format…. this series deserves to have longer episodes.

  15. yeah!!!!! Ash is the best!!!!!

  16. Yell hello mr. Fancy pants. I got news for you, pall, you ain't leading but two things right now, Jack and shit, and Jack left town.

  17. Just PLEASE use less cgi-blood and gore. The real things used towards the end of the series, in particular during the finale was excellent

  18. Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool job

  19. Why all the wait until October?

    Also, there is a scene where it seems that Pablo has his guts blown to hell…

  20. no entendí osea que sale en octubre del 2016
    si alguien que sepa español estaré muy agradecido

  21. Loveeeee youuuuu Ash!! 😆

  22. as it is called background music please

  23. <3 <3 <3 ai mdssssssss que delicia de trailer

  24. what is the name of the soundtrack at 00:30 ? can someone post a link ?

  25. My life is better now 🙂

  26. saw the first ep this morning, off to a great start 😀

  27. Dam I have starz on dish its channel 140 season 2?

  28. Pause at 0:20 and now that is what u call a hole in one, which will make Tiger Woods very proud indeed! (lol) ;-0)

  29. Ash VS Evil Dead has been officially canceled by Starz. I hear the ratings have been much better on Netflix. Want to see Ash VS Evil Dead renewed for a season 4 on Netflix? Tweet them and let them know and officially suggest it to them here: https://help.netflix.com/en/titlerequest

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