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Nonton Apryl Jones Grew A Booty In The Gym, Not At The Surgeon | Body Of Work Sub Indo

Apryl Jones Grew A Booty In The Gym, Not At The Surgeon | Body Of Work

Apryl Jones describes how she went from skinny to slim thick by working and building a perfectly toned booty.


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  1. You are not thicc. Thicc is what retards call fat girls

  2. Helping other people? 🤣🤣🤣🤣😏

  3. NATURAL is always better, want that certain figure work -out for it (it's cheaper, natural, and healthy )
    Thanks for being a positive inspiration. ..😉

  4. Your legs look the same

  5. You go girl ! Natural ass, not a bought one.

  6. my problem is i don’t switch up my routine, i go to the gym doing the same thing🥴

  7. Grew my booty at the dinner table.

  8. She definitely had work done on her butt. You can firm a butt by exercising but you cant make it bigger. Her butt got firm sure, but it also got bigger and that's through was surgically enhanced.

  9. Yes love it super sexy and beautiful

  10. I fully understand the feeling you have had.

  11. Now this is what you call real body positivity 👍🏽

  12. All lies. Don’t be ashamed cause you bought it and the membership in the gym to maintain the crap. Stop 🛑

  13. I feel u girl I'm 36 years old …1 kid..thats 14 years old 230lbs…but I've weigh 130 since 8th grade and I can't gain weight…i eat everything I see…everyone thinks I'm 25 years old…

  14. You look AWESOME ✊🎇🎆💗

  15. This is not the bet i grew up with now its twerk ass booty ass loose no bra wearing entertainers BLACK FOLKS WAKE UP

  16. A REAL revenge body. Not that sh*t Khloe Kardashian is hawking. 😒

  17. Glad she didnt take the lazy way out like these other hoes

  18. I wish I had her skinny body….

  19. Hoes know they be lying

  20. Women love yourself regardless!! Butts r in 4 now then it'll b something else. 80s was legs. 90s boobs. Currently butts. Nothing wrong being skinny or whatever. Women …You're beautiful

  21. USA's beauty standards are fucked up !

  22. I guess she wants us to believe she grew her boobs at the "gym" too lol she went to a doctor. Even while preg she was flatter…but in this interview 😒. She has no true ab, leg or arm definition but is in the "gym". Believe the "gym butt" mess all y'all want 😂

  23. I remember when big ass meant you were fat compared to the standards of beauty…focus on something that will last a lifetime self development and a your legacy.

  24. She's one sexy lady, good for you. Keep up the great work.

  25. I personally don’t get why people would think she went under the knife.. It’s pretty clear she lost a bit upper body weight and built muscle on the lower body. Her legs are really muscular and her booty is fitter and plumper, but it’s obvious it didn’t grew out of nowhere.

  26. Whatever!my butt is all natural too

  27. I love you girl. Keep amaze the world.

  28. Your skin looks soo soft 😍

  29. Dont get fake anything workout hard for it btw fake bootys look like a kid with a full diaper we can all 👀 tell its fake 😆

  30. She looks amazing !!! I need to work on my bum thanks for the inspiration April !! I need to start doing squats lol

  31. She definitely bought that ass.. gtfoh.

  32. I really could use your help.My name is Deborah.

  33. You have a trainor thats why you achieve that…

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