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Nonton Ana's Inner Hood B*tch Lets Loose | Hustle & Soul | WE tv Sub Indo

Ana's Inner Hood B*tch Lets Loose | Hustle & Soul | WE tv

While meeting with Ana, Candice crosses the line and things get ugly!


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Chef Lawrence Page is on a mission to elevate his hip Brooklyn soul food restaurant, The Pink Tea Cup. But as he struggles to bring classic soul food recipes to the next level, he must keep his wild staff in line. Drama, jealousy, power struggles and love triangles get in the way of his dream. Staff blowups and personal beefs put his business in jeopardy. To manage this hot mess, it’s gonna take a lot of #HustleAndSoul !

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  1. Girl with the dark hair looks like a demon 👹👹👹

  2. Did this bitch start hissing?

  3. Two darkskin ugly hoodrats bouth darkskin both ugly darkskin ugly bitches love to fight that's why cops be Ware of these ugly hoodrats

  4. we didn’t even hear the punches 😂😂

  5. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t have her. Child in custody because it is none other business

  6. Not a punch landed?….bad scripting, acting or angles lol

  7. Stupid video uploaded by a stupid person with a stupid YouTube profile, I guess stupid is as stupid does.

  8. Damn did even pinch the bitch smh,how you just let someone hit you in yo face and dont attempt hit back or cover yo face or get away tf wrong with her 😂😂😂

  9. I had never heard of this show until today and its actually good!! But those fake air punches though!! SMH!

  10. Anna tap that ass about her kids you go anna

  11. Ana you beat that ass I'm so glad

  12. TF? She didn't say anything about Ana kids, she simply stated it's being said Ana doesn't have her oldest son. So by her reaction am guessing she doesn't have him. Take that fighting energy and go get him. DAMN But real energy, not like that fake fight. SMH

  13. "When it comes to family can we be respectful?"

    Moments later:
    "They're's rumors that you don't even have cousty of your oldest son"

    How can you say when it comes to family lets be respectful and then turn around and say something like that??

  14. Maybe this is the reason nobody talks crazy to Ana.

  15. LMAO! That was so fake. How can someone see you coming and not stand up and be ready to fight? Not to mention she was missing her when she was swinging. Lololololololol.. Only on "Reality TV"

  16. Two ugly bicthest fighting over nothing…

  17. The title tho😂😂😆😆

  18. Well do you have your first son?

  19. Don’t look fake to me that how street bitches fight idk what kind of fights y’all use to seeing

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