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Nonton Ana Pays Candice to Watch?! | Hustle & Soul | WE tv Sub Indo

Ana Pays Candice to Watch?! | Hustle & Soul | WE tv

Candice airs her dirty laundry to Sana, Cola, and Jon Jon about Lawrence and Ana’s sexual request.


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Chef Lawrence Page is on a mission to elevate his hip Brooklyn soul food restaurant, The Pink Tea Cup. But as he struggles to bring classic soul food recipes to the next level, he must keep his wild staff in line. Drama, jealousy, power struggles and love triangles get in the way of his dream. Staff blowups and personal beefs put his business in jeopardy. To manage this hot mess, it’s gonna take a lot of #HustleAndSoul !

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  1. She is lying and she may have not spread her legs but her mouth was wide open for the D*** No woman chases a man barefoot down the street that she ain't been with. This bitch is a liar gtfoh

  2. I wonder who is more delusional between Candice and Thandi cause they both cant see reality well. Im putting my money on Candace cause she is crazy and always creates her own reality of a situation. I mean really ana who hates you with a passion would PAY you just to watch her sleep with HER man?….😑😑😑 GTFOH with your lying ass.
    im tired of Candace and all her fronting. She always pushes some delusional relationship with Lawrence cause she cant let go. She keeps making it seem like he wants her "cause he cant control her" when shes the one with his name always in her mouth and stirring up shit to constantly mess with him. Shes always throwing out new lies or drama to make Lawrence try and push others away from lawrance to her side like she did with sana. Shes just trying to make them dislike Anna too.
    Shes also definitely lying about not sleeping with him. With the way she acts when hes involved im POSITIVE its bullshit . Theres no way she would be as clingy as she is now without that being a factor. Lawrance Shes just as crazy as thandi but in a more manipulative way.

  3. 🎶 Candice why you lying… Why the fuck you lying?? Mmm oh my gosh… Why the fuck you lying?🎶🎶🎶

  4. Candice I no longer like you. Messy ass

  5. I want to believe her but the pink wig makes her look dishonest.😂😂😂

  6. Can someone get her a trailer of water, this bitch thirsty ass hell

  7. i don't trust her closure and i don't trust her.

  8. I believe candice cause not only do I think his sleepin with Ana and thandi but I got a feeling he slept with Candice too lp is a hoe….

  9. U r a bad liar Candice stop

  10. She just be spreadin BS to Strangers & Shit

  11. Just found out she wasn't lying. B

  12. Candace does lie and she is coming off as desperate right now. The whole new business idea seems to be petty. You don't start a business over personal issues. If you are going to do it, do it because you want to and your motives are purely based on you and what's good for your life. With that said, the whole situation at the Pink Tea Cup IS very bazaar and I agree with them why would you fire everyone else but keep the person that is actually sleeping with your man. Cola is not wrong for quitting her job because Jon Jon is uncomfortable when all he can give her is an open relationship. She doesn't seem as okay with it as he does. Now that its convenient for him he wants her to choose him. So I get her on that. If he wants her to take his side over her job he better be offer more than an open relationship. You can't expect exclusivity if you are not giving that. I do see Anna trying to get what SHE wants and leaving Lawrence, I don't blame her he is a dog. But she is making herself look crazy. Hell they are all crazy! LOL! Sorry this is so long guys! LOL!

  13. Why didn't you tell you sucked that dick 😋

  14. So we not gonna act like they not drinking henny out of wine glasses. Unless they chasing henny with wine lol

  15. I hate when girls say 'He was mentor; we were very close'….where's the rolls eyes emoji?

  16. So this bitch fucked this man and his Bitch

  17. You gonna get another beatdown for that you wait Anna will get ya'

  18. You believe her, then I got a beach in Kentucky I want to sell you.

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