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Nonton 'Amber Threatens Matt' Sneak Peek | Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition | WE tv Sub Indo

'Amber Threatens Matt' Sneak Peek | Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition | WE tv

Brandi calls out Matt’s lying tendencies, everyone gives up on this week’s challenge, and Matt and Amber destroy eachother.


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This season, four celebrity families with relationships on the verge of collapse enter Boot Camp and must decide whether to mend or end their toxic ties forever. For the stars from Mob Wives (Renee Graziano), Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Brandi Glanville), Love and Hip Hop (Jim Jones) and Teen Mom (Amber Portwood) their strength will be tested when they all reside under one roof in an all-new season of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition!

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  1. I don't feel bad for amber. Y'all don't remember how she use to beat Gary? Lol she starts it with her unstable ass

  2. There are different ways to be abusive. And abused. Amber clearly has angry issues and Matt is a manipulative lying ass hole of a man who knows how to bring the worst out in people..my dad was EXACTLY the same way to make everyone else around him look crazier than he is

  3. The women on this show go from 0 to 100 at the drop of a dime

  4. She so dum at least Gary got away from her crazy ass

  5. 16 and pregnant should’ve never made these bitches famous

  6. Mat should be like Amber you wanna go home? You want to go prison?😬📢📢

  7. Why is nothing being done about the things Amber has been saying to Matt?🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  8. So lurch was creeping into Amber's room at Marriage Boot Camp. What a loser to go after someone as hair trigger temper, crazy as Amber. Better get a dna test, could still be Matt's kid. Poor baby having to live with that woman.

  9. Matt looks okay without his Glasses.

  10. She’s literally the abusive one . I hate her. She legit went to jail for beating Gary how can people actually believe otherwise.

  11. omg shes always picking losers

  12. Amber destroying each other rather than uplifting each other try it girl! It works 😊

  13. Im glad he left her. She threaten's him too much.Then she expect for him to sleep with her

  14. Prison didn't help that fat attitude

  15. Lol i loved the comment "the scientists are geniuses, but GOD needs to handel this one:)!

  16. Why is Jim jones mother there??

  17. Amber be walking up on men like she could honestly hold her own up against them. Like Amber is just an abusive person and she would put her hands on Gary. She better be glad these men don't wanna catch a case…

  18. Dude, what the fuck is that weird talkin head at 0:59😳

  19. I love how she puts his ugly creepy ass in place. I'm so happy she left him. I love Amber she's a down ass real bitch!

  20. So glad she left that parasite everything comes to light stupid Matt and so ugly he is…😋👹👺👺

  21. Amber had domestic abuse in the past. Clearly she still has issues with all of this threatening

  22. Amber isn’t being abusive, she is sticking up for herself ! Good for you mama.

  23. "my paddle says anger anger anger anger"
    "what are you feeling"

  24. Wtf she did the same to Gary

  25. Big surprise that Amber is on here! Every relationship of hers is identical. She screams at, swears at, and hits the guy she's with. Not normal. She's sooo angry & mentally unstable. She could use some intense one on one therapy. I'm not even sure how she has any friends let alone a boyfriend….ugh

  26. “Talk about me like that again bitch” 😂😂😂😂

  27. Anyone else remember when this Crap show started… Everyone was poor White Trash. Now look at them.

  28. Amber's anger is so funny. LOL! The bed Matt is lying in when Amber is all up in his face looks like a big ass crib. ROTFL!

  29. The abuser always points the finger. But she is the one with the problems. I feel bad for Gary.

  30. I'm perfect but I do like chocolate 😂

  31. Why is it okay for a woman to make threats like that? I thought woman want “equal rights”. You know damn well if he did that they would have restrained him or kicked him off the show. She should ha e gotten the same treatment.

  32. I really admire some things about Amber… I don’t particularly admire the way she acts when she gets angry. She acts like south side trash.

  33. Love Amber she a strong woman doesn't take bull shit you go girl

  34. They’re both fucked. Amber is such a vile person. She didn’t need prison she needed to serve time in a mental ward. She needs to let go of her anger… it’s ugly and immature. A lot of people have been through hell. I have a fully stamped passport there myself, but you can’t let the past control your present or you’ll never find happiness. Happiness starts in yourself, she depends on people for that emotion which will never be up to her standards.

  35. Well that's what he did , he fuckec u

  36. No wonder he cheats on her lmao she’s a loud cunt

  37. Amber has the prettiest face out of all the moms

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