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Nonton All of the Best Moments From the Berkshires | RHONY Highlights (S11 Ep6) Sub Indo

All of the Best Moments From the Berkshires | RHONY Highlights (S11 Ep6)

The Blue Stone Manor brought out the wild side to the RHONY. From Luann’ de Lesseps’ yoga moans to Sonja Morgan dancing with a dog, the Berkshires did not disappoint.

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Mar 6 9/8c
This season, after the tragic death of her boyfriend Dennis, Bethenny struggles with conflicting emotions while unexpectedly meeting someone new. Fresh off her second stint in rehab after last year’s relapse, Luann is committed to her new love: cabaret! But will she ever get back on track with Dorinda after being heckled at her debut? Meanwhile, Sonja is embracing her future by finally moving out of her beloved townhouse for a fresh perspective on the city she calls home. Looking for a fresh start, Dorinda moves into an apartment in midtown. But not all change is good, as she is forced to evaluate her friendship with Luann. Always the hopeless romantic, Tinsley is ready for the next step with Scott, but he may not be on the same page. Also on the love train, Ramona continues her search for Mr. Right, even when old flames threaten to throw her off course. And Barbara Kavovit, a good friend of Luann’s who stood by the former countess after her relapse, should fit right in as she is not afraid to speak her mind. Barbara is a successful businesswoman running her own construction company.

Bethenny Frankel
Dorinda Medley
Luann de Lesseps
Ramona Singer
Sonja Morgan
Tinsley Mortimer

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All of the Best Moments From the Berkshires | RHONY Highlights (S11 Ep6)

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  1. Um Bethanny…talking about dennis while his children and actual biological family are still mourning and uncomfortable with her blasting their private moments on TV (mind you she refused to talk about him last season because he asked her not to… but now that the man's passed on i guess it's screw his wishes right) is probably more stupid than you seeing A Star is Born … i used to like her …but she's really a POS… sorry not sorry

  2. At this point they're overacting and it's embarrassing. Bad acting.

  3. You are not Jesus Christ. And you look at least 15 years older than the oldest housewife.

  4. After all the shenanigans at Dorinda’s why does she keep hosting these crazy gals? Oh, wait… Ratings. The script. Andy. All the reasons one can think of for the RHONY to remain relevant. That’s it and that’s all. 🤑

  5. The fish room, tho. Dorinda! Take a hint! Or not. If you love it then screw everyone else!

  6. Luann is angry!. Probably because she can't drink. She wants to be catered to. Sonja has no shame..gets fall down drunk and has the nerve to say she doesn't drink anymore, yeah right

  7. Doesn't seem right to have Luann there when everyone is plastered & she's just out of rehab.

  8. It took Sonja 10years to get over her divorce & to sell the townhouse: & Dorinda thinks some history trip on her ex husband's famous family is a good idea… Hmm.

  9. LOL OMG COCO BABY Sonja was wearing Coco like a SCARF I’m howling 😂

  10. Sonjas so pretty in her confessionals with her pink dress and she’s very thoughtful of Luann as worried about Luann’s sobriety but she should worry for herself too because she wore Coco like a scarf lmaoo

  11. New York has definitely gotten better, but for a couple of seasons it was boring. Glad, they've gotten back good. And something about Barbara annoys me.

  12. I don't know what it is about Dorindas' house, the energy there seems to bring out the worst in all of them, not a peaceful place at all. I can't stand Sonia when she's drunk, she becomes a dumb broad, her and Dorinda should give up alcohol altogether, like Luanne did. I also would not relish sleeping in a room where upon awakening I'm staring at a dead fish mounted on a wall, talk about manners and poor taste!

  13. Awwwww yeah Sonja back on that drank 🍸

  14. Hearing Betheny give the real dirt about Luannes rehab stay says it all.

  15. I love sonja…but I think she has I identity issues and is having a hard time adjusting to her new life…eventhough it seems best 4 her…and I dont like how she called John a Joe shmo… like so people w normal jobs r nobodys… no..

  16. Of course Bethenny makes a death all about her. Jeez.

  17. OMG Bethany’s nose is going Michael Jackson

  18. It doesn't matter how much surgery Ramona has, no one could fix the fact that she walks as if she wore a soiled diaper. She turns my stomach, and her mouth needs to stay shut.
    Dorinda us a saint for putting up with them all. She let's go when shes had a drink, but who could blame her

  19. Damn Luanne and Bethenny are looking really hard in the face.


  21. Tinsley is useless. She brings absolutely zero to the show. If this was a theater play she would have the role of the tree number 2. Feels like her mum was too busy to join the show so she sent her dim daughter instead. Tinsley has no plot. She has had a nowhere going relationship for years now. That's her only thing to get any air time. That and flashing pictures of her frozen eggs. Barbara might not be a pleasant character but at least you all noticed her.

  22. Sonjas crazy, bethenney is hilarious and dorinda is the best

  23. Barbra you are so rude acting like a frickin 10 year old…..and saying you will put a blanket on them..Absolutely Disgusting attitude..and LuAnn so entitled about everything..these women really should be ashamed… my 7 year old niece has better manners than all of them…smh

  24. Put the dog down !!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂😂😂

  25. Sonja was married to a Morgan, but she is not a Morgan.

  26. Sonja is a lush. Bethany really helped Luann, but she is so arrogant!

  27. You are a guest, be thankful that you got a room.

  28. Luann is grown stop treating her like she is so fragile. And sad. Looks like Dennis died from a broken heart n left Bethany a rock she has nerve to wear. PATHETIC..she should give it to his family. She is plenty rich. Wow

  29. I'd live in the fish room forever love the blue manor house.

  30. Huge rock Bethenny is that an engagement ring ?

  31. Ugh Barbra is not even a housewife. She’s a friend. Why does she act so prissy and look like a truck driver from the 90s. Complaining about a room in a beautiful home. Gurl bye

  32. Anyone else thinks LuAnn sounds like a man?

  33. I cant with Sonja and the Morgan Letters LOL!!!!

  34. if you ever need help like i did in getting information from your partner's phone then contact matty via whatsapp @ +15186023105. He is 100% the best and is true to his word. met a few fakes before he proved he wasnt one. glad i got my moneys worth. thanks matty

  35. Theses girls are funny . Unlike bh they are just mean

  36. Dorinda is right. They are ungrateful bees

  37. Who else agrees that the New York housewives is the best franchise? It just so is for me, love Beverly Hills and Atlanta but New York is the GOAT!

  38. Luanne should sleep in a cage she is so ungrateful. Barbara can go back where she came from.

  39. Sonyaaaaa is acting like a nut

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