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Nonton Alana's Romantic Line Dance! | Mama June: From Not to Hot Sub Indo

Alana's Romantic Line Dance! | Mama June: From Not to Hot

Alana and Tristan hang out on the dance floor. Catch Mama June Fridays at 9/8C!

#MamaJune #FromNotToHot

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After losing hundreds of pounds, and undergoing reality TV’s most shocking transformation, Mama June is gaining back the weight and the pressure is on to keep it off. In an outrageous weight loss competition, Mama and her arch-nemesis, Jennifer are going pound-for-pound at fit camp. But Mama finds herself stressed out when faced with unexpected pregnancy news which intensifies when her boyfriend Geno gets into trouble with the law. Following her surprising debut on “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors,” Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson embarks on her first teenage romance and a new career in showbiz while Pumpkin, Josh, and the cutest baby in the state of Georgia, Ella, are moving out of June’s house and into their own chaos — embroiled in Josh’s get-rich-quick schemes.

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  1. I stop watching June since she got busted hitting the pipe.

  2. Romantic – NOT. She cannot dance.

  3. I like her friend doe doe but u would think being on a TV show that June or someone would help her financially fix her bad teeth poor lady dang.

  4. If child protective services is watching please make a report ASAP!

  5. Its like Geno doesn't want to do anything.

  6. So geno left because he didn't like the way people was dancing?

  7. Wtf is stuck to Geno's neck? he needs to get that shit fixed before it turns into something that A-jax can't wash off! It looks like a big ass cyst…. Yuck….

  8. No kid should be that big. By the time Alana reaches adulthood, she's going to have to go from this show to My 600-lb Life. I'm worried for this child's health. June should be ashamed of herself. She doesn't care about her own failing health so that's what she is modeling for Alana. She was letting Alana eat any and everything even after she first lost that weight. She just gave up on encouraging her daughter to get healthy. Then she eventually just gave up on herself and started stuffing every hole she has with Little Debbie snack cakes. Twizzlers falling out every which way. No wonder Alana is still over-jolly. Child obesity may need to be classified as abuse if it's due to over-eating. Cause this is BAD bad.

  9. This family is an American trainwreck

  10. June grinding that bottom jaw shame on #WEtv for allowing obvious drug use be played on their channel (allegedly)

  11. That whole family is trash and that Dodo is a shit stirrer..

  12. Got Dammm…they all getting Bigger each episode🐷🐘🐮

  13. Omg she looks scared but honey @honeybooboo take your time and fight for a piece of it

  14. Stop supporting June's crack habit

  15. Alana looks like sack of potatoes. She doesn’t need to be rail thin but at her rate she’ll be on my 600lb life in a few years if she doesn’t get her weight under control. A girl her age should not be that heavy.
    Oh and Geno left to go get his fix of meth

  16. So how fake is this show ?

  17. june isn't even getting any dick… Hunny child. yo "man" gotta go.

  18. Josh's hair looks good like that!

  19. Josh’s hair looks so good!!

  20. That guy does not want to kiss Alana.
    Someone needs to sit her down and talk to her about taking some pride in herself.

    That's not mean. That's called reality.

  21. What will it take for their show to be cancelled? Does elana goes to school?

  22. Josh and Pumkins kid steals the show. Captions be like funny!

  23. stop saying stuff about how much she weighs.
    stop saying things like "you need to lose weight"
    try getting a life before u try to control other people's🤦‍♀️

  24. Wow, shows in America these days! The end is near!🙄

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