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Nonton A Toast to Junior – black-ish Sub Indo

A Toast to Junior – black-ish

The Johnson family comes together to help Junior settle into his new place.


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  1. Damn!! That breaks my heart when I see how Dre is ignoring Zoey!!

  2. Just a friend my ass. Jr better hit that

  3. I remember that chain episode 😭

  4. Junior should get his own show. Called Litty•ish just juicing creativity here

  5. Love the song playing. It's called Soul and it's by Gary Clark Jr.

  6. Zoey talking bout don’t make me an aunt, don’t make him an uncle 🙄

  7. Andre: "What is that?!"
    Zion: "Drink!"
    (My kind of girl)

  8. Reminds me of my family I’m moving out in a few weeks 😩

  9. just drank lol whats in the damn drank

  10. Dod I miss something or did this nigga not go to college

  11. Notice the agenda hanging on the wall…

  12. Fyi "Drank" is soda (usually grape) mixed Perscription cough syrup and jolly rancher usually served in a white styrofoam cup. Popular with the rap genre and also knows as "lean" or "Syzrup"

  13. The Johnson family never ceases to deliver good entertainment!

  14. Is this the beggining of "nerd-ish" ??

  15. Petition to start a show for junior called nerdish!

  16. Him and my little brother look exactly alike and it’s sooo weird 😂😂

  17. I think Juniors roommate has a crush on pops

  18. What was that "drank" she concocted? lmbo

  19. The way he took that cup from zoeys hands. She's really on 6th fave child status rn

  20. Another spin off jeez…. trying to make a whole franchise out here

  21. Next spinoff show, Junior-ish, the story of Junior being a man and falling for his roommate/ co-worker, I’ll make it Disney just give me the green light

  22. So is black-ish coming to a end too I mean they kind of killed it with the spin offs and the show haven’t been the same since szn 2. I’m sure Jr is going to grownish and then this while mixed-ish i’m not much of a fan anymore when I loved this show since szn1 smh I think szn6 is basically the end

  23. Ok but what's the difference between grownish and blackish ..and now mixedish

  24. my favorite blackish character junior

  25. Ruby is killing me with the way she's carrying Devante. lol. Love her.

  26. Please give Junior a push in his character. Seriously let him shine

  27. How do I subscribe to get to watch this on my phone

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