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Nonton #20YrsLtr: Doe or Die (Full AZ Documentary) | Golden Era Of Hip-Hop Sub Indo

#20YrsLtr: Doe or Die (Full AZ Documentary) | Golden Era Of Hip-Hop

AZ; alongside Nas, Foxy Brown, Pete Rock, DJ Premiere, Raekwon and more, recount the golden era of hip-hop with AZ’s classic album “Doe or Die” as the focal point, 20 years after its release. Plus, a look into the making of “Doe or Die II”. Narrated by Rakim. (released via BET Digital in May 2016).

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  1. What happens to all of Foxy Brown’s back teeth @ 8:27 ????

  2. ONE OF THE GREATEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Glad he stayed real and loved this record.

  4. Don't make no sense how fine Foxy is almost 20 years after ill nana. Talk about Black don't crack. Blasian don't crack.

  5. 💞💖👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  6. Growing up a punk rocker I still listen to hip hop and besides wu, Az was my all time favorite. I remember catching the city bus with a portable CD player listening to this album. The format and fanmail we're my favorite songs

  7. 2nd to Doe Or Die I used to play Pieces Of A Man like crazy… that album had some heat!!

  8. You will forever stand the test of time AZ………..Cause you touched our souls

    Love you Big Bro!!!!!!!
    ………and I Give Thankx

    Shouts out from Allah Born a.k.a Albany NY

  9. His mom should be (probably is) so damn proud of AZ. Gave birth to one of the gods of the rap game.

  10. Still bumping Doe or Die in 2019 and beyond

  11. This young kids have no idea and need to respect there forefathers

  12. Nas, "A friend of mine got locked up, and he was the one I wanted on the record…" Cormega damn imagine that! Fuck beef bring the original firm back Nas, AZ, Cormega imagine that album!

  13. Anyone knows the song of 1:05? Must be a dj premier

  14. My caliber, got me thinking on a higher algebra, see me im just as foul as ya but you aint got no style in ya


  15. imagine AZ freestylin in the whip while the blunt goin around

  16. Damm Miss Jones done turnt into Miss Piggy!!

  17. Get stetsasonic on DRRINKCHAMPS

  18. Diamond in a ruff very intelligent men ❤

  19. It's illegal in Michigan for a brother& sister to share a room but it doesn't apply to black& Hispanics lol Damn dude said don't use the phone booth or else you'll have a Hindu smh lol Damn, I'm just trying to call for my ride,I got you on a couple checkers hot dogs when I see you 20 years down the line lol

  20. This is dope…long live AZ

  21. Classic album. I met him twice. Real fly humble dude. Always speaks to fans👍🏾

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