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Nonton 1st Amendment Stand Up – Rodney Perry Sub Indo

1st Amendment Stand Up – Rodney Perry

Martin Lawrence Presents: 1st Amendment Stand Up – Ep 510, Hosted by Deon Cole, this week features headliner Rodney Perry and comedians Alex Thomas and Tony Sculfield. Nov 5th, 11pm e/p. On Starz.

Deon Cole,Rodney Perry,Alex Thomas,Tony Sculfield

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  1. but you ain't gon FUCK nigga!!!! I be fuckin….LMAO

  2. @rjohn00017 word ! dhat shiddd was mad funny ! bhut i cant find dha video for it ]=


  4. Big Rod is sexy….Very nice bootay!!

  5. Baby you shrinking these damn towels. That was really funny.

  6. we gotchu, we gotchu, and we gotchu big man. BIG MAN!!!! who the fuck is he talkin to? rotf

  7. he got a fat ass booty

  8. But you ain't gone FUCK nigga! I kno that!- funniest shit ever

  9. Awwee I watchd this hella times on starz funny ass shit !

  10. @flydudemike This ain't Mr Brown…ole dumbass!

  11. first of all i can't spring this body on no new bitch..Lol

  12. lol FUNNY……………….

  13. id love to see his entire routine…..dude is funny as hell!

  14. Rodney was in the Navy.  I was stationed with him from 90-94 at 4th Marine Divison in New Orleans, LA.  Dude was the base jokester and used to win all the open mic contests.  Dude been funny for a looooonnnggg time.  

  15. They don't have the DVD for season 5 ?

  16. Naked!!!! Some bullshit going on up here. Lol

  17. 😁crine Crying just that hard.

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