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Nonton 1st Amendment Stand Up – Lil Rel Sub Indo

1st Amendment Stand Up – Lil Rel

Martin Lawrence Presents: 1st Amendment Stand Up – Ep 507, Hosted by Sheryl Underwood, this week features headliner Nema Williams and comedians Lil Rel and Aarona Browning. Friday, Oct 15th at 11:00pm e/p on Starz.

Sheryl Underwood,Nema Williams,Lil Rel,Aarona Browning

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  1. "Can I Have! I Want!" HAHAHA

    This clip still makes me LOL

  2. you know KEVIN HART stole some of your jokes. SAY IT WITH YOUR CHEST!!!! The uncle from jail. Do the research….

  3. Lmao Listen I'm an Alto…I'm not singing no gawtdamned tenor

  4. That's ain't no dude sucka that's my wife XD lmfao

  5. I watch this shot everyday.. hilarious

  6. 0:22 look at dem titties jiggle!

  7. Still hella funny lmao

  8. Can I have? I want! Can I have? I want!

  9. 🎶"cAN I HAVE…I WANT"🎶 😂😂😂

  10. 🎶"cAN I HAVE…I WANT"🎶 😂😂😂

  11. Anniversary fried rice 😂✋

  12. i actually had a chance to talk to Mr. Godfrey on Facebook. He said it was true. My bestfriend went to school with lil Rel and that was their teacher. He said he got tired of putting them out of class. Lol…

  13. He super funny man 😂😂😂

  14. anniversary fried rice 😂😂😂 dead. he too funny

  15. Can I have,I want!!oh wow this was freaking hilarious still laughing as I type this post lol

  16. Where is the whole standup

  17. Mommy with the daddy voice 😂

  18. at work dying watching this " which one of you jive turkey's taking out the garbage" lmao!!!

  19. "Man that dude can sing" lmao

  20. Yooo my new favorite comedian!

  21. "Yo daddy brought y'all two wings a piece." LMMFAO😂

  22. "this my anniversary rice! ya'll daddy bought ya'll 2 wings a piece EAT THEM DAMN WING! AINT DID NAN' HOMEWORK!" lmaooo

  23. Lmaoo this was my ma for real

  24. he said mommad with daddy voice lmaoooo

  25. You are a lie and your breath stank. YOU ARE A LIE….AND YOUR BREATH STANK!!!

  26. Man, that dude can sing. Hahahahaha.

  27. Jesus your the center of my jooooooyyyyy😂😂😂😂

  28. Lil rel this why katt williams hates on you because you are really funny

  29. I'm sicka dis sheeit!! Ain't did nann homework! Lmfao

  30. These edits are harsh as hell, give 30 more seconds for each comic

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