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Nonton 1st Amendment Stand Up – Ian Edwards Sub Indo

1st Amendment Stand Up – Ian Edwards

Martin Lawrence Presents: 1st Amendment Stand Up – Ep 508, Guest host: Deon Cole. This week features headliner Ray Lipowski and comedians Roman Murray and Ian Edwards. Friday, Oct 22nd at 11:00pm e/p on Starz.

Deon Cole,Ray Lipowski,Roman Murray,Ian Edwards

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  1. man this is funny as hell

  2. "o rly mothafucka!!!"
    XD LMAO!!

    thats how they are.

  3. So true about what Ian Edward says. I agree with him 1OO% !

  4. @MiaColada you are a birthday stealer

  5. he is right tho real talk

  6. @jayonna65 hahaha that Down Syndrome joke was funny.. (lord forgive me for laughing) but damn they do have the same haircut's lol

  7. i'mma steal your birthday 🙂

  8. AHHHH dis is da best "your birthday" ive eva had

  9. This dude sucks… Like he's timing the jokes in his head. Almost Like he can't remember the next joke, so he takes long pauses. WHACK!!!!

  10. @SupernaturalRising The laughs are interrupting his thought. You aren't a comedian. You haven't even been infront of that many people before and had to do more than 2 minutes of material. You are being entertained on a devices which runs on sparks & shit and you're complaining like a lil' bitch. What the fuck is wrong with you? If you dont like it, go somewhere else – nigga, you responsible for even watching it. Lame ass nigga.

  11. @dajoker36 this is a shitten ass fool , he da man so fuckin funny

  12. You fucking dummy, you dumb fucking dummy, you don't know anything about comedy, you don't know anything about life, you don't know anything about what makes that dumb head of yours tick you dumb fucking scumbag of a human being.

  13. @:56 Lady in the back left was not impressed.

  14. thats just how he talks…..he knows what he's doing

  15. she is a birthday thief thts why

  16. can someone explain 2 me, the Jehova's witness reference

  17. I like how +SupernaturalRising says this guy sucks, but little does he know that Ian Edwards is also a writer. He writes jokes for the Boondocks and Two Broke girls. If he was wack he wouldn't have those jobs. I got the pleasure of seeing this open for Joe Rogan and I thought he was funnier than Rogan.

  18. I like how he says "uhhh" in between the punchlines. It fits.

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