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Nonton 1st Amendment Stand Up – Chinnitta Morris Sub Indo

1st Amendment Stand Up – Chinnitta Morris

Martin Lawrence Presents: 1st Amendment Stand Up – Ep 511, Hosted by Sheryl Underwood, this episode features headliner Sandra Bernhard and comedians Damn Fool, Chinnitta Morris, Vincent Cook and Mark Simmons. Nov 6th On Starz.

Sheryl Underwood,Sandra Bernhard,Damn Fool,Chinnitta Morris,Vincent Cook,Mark Simmons

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  1. Is that the former "Chocolate?"

  2. @phoenixbrew yes that chocolate

  3. I want to see her Comic View routines…..

  4. i can work with one leg jesus, one leg he can lean on me

  5. Shes Sweatinq Under Underarms ! Like Heaps ! :LL Ahahah . !

  6. lol !!! he aint gotta teeth ……. we wasnt even born with teeth

  7. what the hell is "under underarms" they call it armpit brother ……You confused me already .lol

  8. she is good, refreshing to see one of our Black lady comediennes clean, respectful, smart, and still very very funny. She should be supported.

  9. we woudn't ever born with teeth

  10. True story . My co-worker VERY pretty but she was single.
    I asked her why she doesn't find a man ? She says, " I need a handsome , educated rich man ". 2 years went by , still NO man. Then I asked her again : did you find what you were looking for ? She says, education is not that important ..
    Finally , she ended up this guy who is average and lives with pay check to pay check..

  11. Am I the only one who sees the similarities between her and Katt Williams?

  12. soo that,s the one they used too v call chocolate her ass just as funny these days like she was back in the day on comic view and def comedy jam

  13. Wow it's so good to see her I know I'm late but I'm glad I came across this and she looks great

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