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Nonton 1st Amendment Stand Up – Baldhead Phillips Sub Indo

1st Amendment Stand Up – Baldhead Phillips

Martin Lawrence Presents: 1st Amendment Stand Up – Ep 509, Guest host: Deon Cole. This week features headliner Faizon Love and comedians Baldhead Phillips and Jay Phillips. Friday, Oct 29th at 11:00pm e/p on Starz.

Deon Cole,Faizon Love,Baldhead Phillips,Jay Phillips

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  1. i don't think i even have starz

  2. lmfao I fell off the couch laughin so hard at this dude last weekend!!

  3. Man I'm So Proud Of You, And You Know Where This Come From The Depths Of Hanging Out Together Casing And Scoring On Each other! DO YO MOFO THANG PRINCE!

  4. "shit just been happenin"

    thats a good idea Baldhead XD LMAO!!

  5. lmfao…i stole dat bitch front door and ha backe door….every since you left shit just been happening..dats good bitch i hope you die….lmmfao..hahahahah dat shit funny….dat nigga took da ball out da toilet..lmao..


  7. He's like a mix of cedric and bernie

  8. "Thats good, Bitch I hope you die"LOL

  9. @str8OuttaNaptown30 THANKS U CANT GET THEM ALL

  10. Damn Baldhead!…. You'z a vindictive mofo.

  11. dam look at that girl behind the dude with the hat! 1:01

  12. That sounds like the greatest prank ever! I have to try that sometime.

  13. I wasnt really listening but I'd fuck…hes got that fat cuddly cute boy shit like Cedric lolz

  14. cedric and less dramtic lavell crawford

  15. yo this nigga hella funny lolz

  16. Hahahahaha. All those meaningless things he stole was funny.

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