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Nonton 1st Amendment Stand Up – Alex Thomas Sub Indo

1st Amendment Stand Up – Alex Thomas

Martin Lawrence Presents: 1st Amendment Stand Up – Ep 510, Hosted by Deon Cole, this week features headliner Rodney Perry and comedians Alex Thomas and Tony Sculfield. Nov 5th, 11pm e/p. On Starz.

Deon Cole,Rodney Perry,Alex Thomas,Tony Sculfield

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  1. LOL. I laughed so hard I literally fell out of my chair.

  2. bbygirl at 0:50 sec is BAD

  3. I Like Lemmoonn. I Like Lemonade. I Like Leemmmooons ! Lmmfao ! Hell Naw This Shit Is FUNNY As Fuck !

  4. The lady @1:46 was literally in tears. LOL

  5. y he slay joc whole life doe..lmao

  6. I was laughing my ass off, but when they did the close up of that one woman at the end literally in tears from laughing, I fucking lost it.

  7. lol i know you see it….i dont care what this dude says, that song was the SHIT lol

  8. Uh. yella bitch, yella car, yella watch, yella living room furniture i like lemonade…..i like lemooonn, i like lemonade

  9. @mangarda and this is why hip hop is dead.

  10. I LIKE LEMONADE!!!!!!!!!!! lol baaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa @mike_mad_ga


  12. I'm glad I'm not the only one saying that shit about hip hop today. whew! thought i was going crazy.

  13. hadd that lady in tha audience crying ndd shiedd

  14. you know black people are sensitive when they even get offended by a black comedian. Look at these black people at 0:09. they were shaking their head in disappointment .

  15. My part was when he said the girl was in the club saying this is my shit. I love me some Gucci he so sexy! Then dude was like COME THE FUCK ON!!!! Lmao!

  16. I just have to say.. hip-hop is NOT ignorant. Now with that said I almost cried laughing at this. What they play on the radio is ignorant but, there is still good hip-hop out there you just have to look for it now. ☺

  17. He should've been took off.  Ima try to get this full episode mane rofl…….

  18. Alex is funny as hell but this clip sucked

  19. I wonder how he feels how about Future and Young Thug 😂😂😂

  20. some dudes are just naturally funny….bernie (of course), richard, eddie (at a time), martin. eddie griffen….and alex thomas to name a few

  21. he's right and so far its gotten worse!

  22. i wonder what he thinks of the shit thats out now. where they are actual retards.

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